Crank Calls in Austin, Texas

I spent April 5th and 6th in Austin, Texas, at my first Lone Star LesFic Festival. If you missed my first blog covering Friday night – you can read about Dinner with the Boss – right here, and catch up.  


Okay, ready?

Sandy wanted to personally thank Shelley Thrasher and Barbara Ann Wright for making me laugh in a way she hadn’t heard in a while. They have both promised to name characters in their next books after me. So, be on the lookout with me, and we’ll see how popular my name becomes in the next few years.

Sandy works nights, so she was functioning on very little sleep, after the almost 4 hour drive, (with me chattering non-stop the whole way) the excitement over dinner, and Rad’s awesome lecture,  she was ready for bed. The festival welcome was scheduled for 10:00 and I wasn’t on until 10:30. We pretty much spent an uneventful night when we got back to the motel.

Now, I have to tell you what happened to Sandy and I at the motel on Saturday morning. You just can’t make this stuff up.  Well, actually I am a writer, so I can, but this is truth – swear it!

6:45 AM….

The phone rings, I’m already up, but Sandy is just getting out of bed.

Me: Did you schedule a wake-up?

Sandy: Um, no.

Me: Well, answer it.

Sandy: Hello?

Mystery Caller in breathy whispering voice: Hello, did I wake you?

Sandy: Yes. Who is this?

MC: Nicole. Shh, I’m calling from another room.

Sandy: Good morning, Nicole. Why are you whispering?

(At this point, she thinks I’ve put the very funny, Carsen Taite, and Vk Powell up to this – and I think she’s done the same thing – so we continue to play along with the caller.)

MC: I don’t want to wake anyone.

Sandy continues to whisper back: How can I help you Nicole?

MC: Are you horny?

Sandy is trying not to laugh and still thinks I’ve set her up: Do you want to talk to my wife?

MC: Oh,  no, no.

Sandy hands me the phone and hey,  I want to play too. I put on my breathiest voice: Hel-lo?


Me: She hung up damn it!

We cracked up. Then we both admitted neither of us told anyone which motel we were staying in.  The call really was coming from another room. We finished getting ready and debating knocking on doors, but refrained. We did see a few girls in the parking lot and a suspicious man knocking on another door. Did Nicole call him? We don’t know. But we had a lot of fun with it and laughed all day over the situation.

Thanks Nicole!

It was a great way to break the ice on Saturday morning.

Next week: The Getting Acquainted with New Authors panel 🙂


  1. This sure gives us a peek at what jokesters you both are to have so readily played along. Funny story!


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