Author Lynette Mae is Back with the Faithful Service Drive

Hey, kids! Author Lynette Mae is back with the re-release of Faithful Service, Faithful Hearts!

Some of you may remember that I interviewed Lynette Mae right here on Women and Words in July, 2012. In case you wanted to check that out, there’s the linkie. For those not in the know, Lynette Mae is an Army veteran who is currently a law enforcement officer. She’s based in Florida with her wife and dogs, where she does sometimes find time to relax with a good book or, if we’re really lucky, to stop by Women and Words!

Anyway, here she is again, letting us know what she’s been up to as well as to let us know about a very important organization that sales from her book will directly benefit. I’ll turn it over to her, now.

I’ve gone through some changes since last fall and I thought now was a good time to bring everybody up to speed on what’s happening. I joined the team at Sapphire Books a couple of months ago. Sapphire is a new publisher, eager and ready to embrace innovation and social media, with a focus on authors. A good fit. The first order of business was to produce second editions of both titles. Faithful Service, Silent Hearts, a GCLS finalist for dramatic general fiction, had its 2nd edition release on May 1st. You can get it at Sapphire Books and Amazon.

Faithful Service, Silent Hearts has a slick new cover and Devon and the gang have a brand new mission that I’d like to talk about today. When I joined the US Army, I never imagined the impact the experience would have on my life. I learned discipline, honor, perseverance, and for the first time realized who I truly was. For me and other lesbian & gay soldiers, that self-discovery had a price: prejudice and homophobia. I have no regrets about my service. Living with adversity taught me many valuable lessons and the experience shaped the person I am today. Devon’s story developed out of my desire to tell one soldier’s story. She and the characters around her represent a mosaic of rich personalities drawn from each person I met along my journey.

The repeal of DADT was a watershed moment in LGBT history, and it removed the stigma of being gay from thousands of men and women serving honorably in the US military. I cannot imagine the feeling of relief and freedom that the change in policy must have given LGBT service members. So, the situation with military personnel has improved, with one big exception: the status of a service member’s family. With the Defense of Marriage Act (which denies federal benefits to legally married same-sex couples) still on the books, the military cannot provide the most important benefits to the partners, spouses and families of LGBT service members.

That’s where the American Military Partner Association comes in. The AMPA mission is simply this: Connecting, supporting, honoring, and serving the partners and spouses of America’s LGBT service members and veterans — our nation’s “silent heroes.” They are the nation’s premier organization advocating for LGBT families of our military, and what an important job it is. Currently, the families of lesbian and gay service members miss out on a wide variety of military benefits that are routinely given to their heterosexual peers. These benefits include important things like health care, housing, survivor benefits, joint duty assignments, and the list goes on.

Right now, the American Military Partner Association is hard at work to ensure the recognition of every LGBT military family worldwide. I think that is important and outstanding work, because when military personnel are serving their country, the last thing they should have to worry about is whether their families are taken care of. All military families need the complete support of our country.

So, with the 2nd edition release of Faithful Service, Silent Hearts, I pledge to donate $1 per copy sold to this incredibly worthy organization. I know that many of you have the first edition, and I thank you. But please spread the word or buy a copy for a friend. Sapphire Books Publishing has already donated boxes of books to the AMPA for their care package project, sending love from home to deployed LGBT service members. Our Faithful Service Drive is focused on providing more love from home and advocacy for these heroes and their families. I’m teaming up with AMPA to make a difference, and I hope you’ll join me in this effort.

You can learn more about The Faithful Service Project at or at The Faithful Service Project on Facebook or at their main site, HERE.

Thanks for your continued support~LM


  1. Wow! Thanks, ladies. The AMPA is a super organization and the Faithful Service Project is my way of helping out. So spread the word and lets raise money for a great cause!


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