Amazon and fanfic

Hi, kids–

Author Nann Dunne posted a link on Facebook the other day that’s got me thinking, and maybe it’ll get you thinking, too.

The link had to do with Amazon publishing fanfic. And charging people for it. They’re apparently trying to work out an agreement with the original franchise holder so that both author and rights holders get royalties. They’re not going to publish slash fiction.

I personally have VERY mixed feelings about this.

Here’s a link that discusses Amazon and fanfic.

Author John Scalzi has his doubts, too, and there’s a looooong but good discussion to be found in the comments section.

So there you go. Some food for thought before the weekend.

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We here at Women and Words hope everyone has a safe Memorial Day weekend, and to all the veterans out there, thanks for your service. If you’ve got veterans who are friends and family, please extend our well-wishes to them. Take a few moments this weekend to remember all who have lost their lives in service to this country.

Happy Friday, all.

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