Memorial Day

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And though many of us are enjoying a three-day weekend, let’s not forget why we have one.

For more information about the history of Memorial Day, check out THIS LINK.

The Memorial Day Foundation allows you to donate toward bouquets that are placed at war memorials around the country.

But let’s not forget that there are many thousands of veterans in this country who are still alive. Let’s remember their service, too, and offer what help we can.

The Wounded Warrior Project helps get injured veterans back into productive civilian life, provides assistance for those veterans, and ways for them to build support networks among themselves, as well.

The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans works with communities nationwide to ensure that homeless veterans (estimates suggest that about 13 percent of the homeless population are veterans) have access to food, housing, and other services.

And speaking of homes, how about donating to Homes for Our Troops, which provides and builds specially-adapted homes for wounded veterans?

You can also find an extensive list of veterans’ service organizations and military spouse/family organizations at Check it out.

Also check out the American Military Partner Association, which helps the partners and spouses of LGBT servicemembers.

And how about Armed Services YMCA, which provides all kinds of things to military families.

Our Military Kids helps kids in military families deal with deployment and injuries to their loved ones, and also provides funds to kids of military families for school programs (military families don’t make that much money, folks) and other things they might need.

These are just some of the organizations and links you can use to help veterans and their families around this country. So yes, let’s remember the fallen and honor their service. But let’s also remember those veterans and their families who are still with us and could use some help.


(and thanks to fellow author Joan Opyr for some of the suggestions about organizations to donate to)


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