The Hoedown is Coming…

Because Andi and I (and all the elves) had such a fabulous time with the Hootenanny this past year, we decided we really need to throw a party in the middle of the year, too. So, we’re having a Hoedown and you’re all invited.

What is this Hoedown, you ask? It’s a five-day event, starting on July 1st and going through July 5th. It involves a bunch of awesome authors, a bunch of free books, and just general merry making.

We’re doing things a little bit differently this time around.  We’ll be using a website called Rafflecopter to host the drawing. But don’t worry, we’ll post directions for how to enter on the 1st. We also ask that you give us some feedback. We really like the rafflecopter because it’s much simpler and takes about 1/100 of the time to select the winners. However, if you guys don’t like it for whatever reason, we want to hear about that. Let us know. We are flexible and much prefer when y’all are happy.

Stay tuned for more details!


    • Howdy. This is the first Hoedown. We usually do a Hootenanny in December. Just don’t want people to get confused. And most likely, we’ll be doing another Hootenanny. Hopefully, the rafflecopter thing will work out, which will make it a lot easier to hold giant-ass book giveaways like the Hootenanny and the Hoedown. 😀


  1. I hope a summer event doesn’t confuse the elves. I’m thinking they probably don’t get out much, this time of year. Remind them to use sunscreen.


  2. It’s a great gift reading W&W daily but to get a chance to win hard copies? In the heat of summer? I’d say that was effin’ awesome!


  3. […] Hey, all! As promised, here’s the longer piece Isabella wrote about road-tripping with her character, Luce Potter. We mentioned in on Wednesday in our 1 Question, 10 Answers feature and Jove and I really dug it and wanted to share. So Grab some popcorn and have some Friday fun with us and the merry elves (who are currently getting jazzed for the approaching Hoedown). […]


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