1 Question, 10 Answers – June

Hey, people! Andi here. Welcome to this month’s goofy question that we ask various people. This month, we’re back to asking authors a goofy question (last month we asked readers).

So, in honor of the summer travel season (or, if you’re down under, the fall travel season…heh), we asked authors the following question:

Which one of your characters would you take on a road trip with you and why?

Below, you’ll find the answers.

Ashley Bartlett
Dirty Money by Ashley Bartlett
I don’t understand this whole “pick one” business. How do you pick Cooper without the twins? How do you pick one twin? But apparently I’m being forced to choose. Not Ryan, because he’s stoned a lot and I’m stoned never. And Reese is sexy as fuck, but she’s unpredictable. You think you’re just getting a beer with her and then she knifes a bitch and you end up in federal custody. And you’re like whoa, I just wanted to make out a little.

So it’s Cooper, obviously. Mostly, because I’ve been on like a million road trips with her already. We went to SF and Vegas and Mexico and Denver and back to Vegas and New Orleans and Florida and Portugal and Spain (I don’t remember which cities. Not my fault, there were FBI agents chasing us). Also, Coop’s mom will totally pack snacks for us.

BIO: Ashley Bartlett lives in California. That’s where she writes her awesome books. You should read them. Learn more about her by visiting her website. http://www.ashbartlett.com

Andrea Bramhall

I’d love to go on a road trip with Oz, from my novel Ladyfish. She’s fun to be around, got a great sense of humour, doesn’t panic in a crisis. She’s resourceful, charming, and loves to dive, but there’s also a lot going on beneath that fun-loving-playgirl exterior that I just want to dig into and really get to know her. Figure out what really makes her tick. Doesn’t hurt that she’s a damn fine figure of a woman either.

BIO: Andrea Bramhall lives in Norfolk where she operates a campsite and hostel. And she writes books. Learn more about her at her website HERE.

Barb Clanton

Road Trip! Marlee McAllister, the main character from Out of Left Field: Marlee’s Story, and I would hit the road for the softball College World Series in Oklahoma City, OK. We’d talk softball the whole way (and maybe a little mathematics). Once there, we’d overdose on softball knowing that no one in our circle of friends would ever understand our addiction to the sport. Of course, we’d also eat so much junk food and drink too much soda that after a while we’d have to admit that our respective girlfriends were right about the whole “vegetables are good for you” thing. Play ball!

BIO: Barbara L. Clanton writes young adult fiction and children’s fiction. Her writing credits currently include six books whose main characters are lesbian high school students. Visit her website at www.BLClanton.com.


(source: Amazon)

My favorite character to take on a road trip would be my most recent character, Luce Potter. She has an intimate relationship with law enforcement types. Likes fast action – cars, motorcycles and women. Likes to drop into the coolest places: bondage clubs, bars, and other establishments of ill repute. And just think what the conversations would be like stuck in a car for hours. Bring on the Luce.

BIO: Isabella is an award-winning author who resides in California with her wife, three sons, and assorted cats and dogs. Her latest novel, American Yakuza II, is ready for consumption.

NOTE! Isabella got so stoked about this topic that she actually wrote a longer piece on what a road trip with Luce would be like. Jove and I will be posting that on Friday here on Women and Words, so we can share the awesome-ness with you, as well. 😀

Bev Prescott
SITW Proposed Cover from BFB

I’d definitely go on a road trip with Madison Brown from my novel, My Soldier Too.  I’m not a fan of road trips.  I can’t stand being in a car for long periods of time.  I get too wiggly and need to move around.  So, if I went on a long road trip, I’d want to go with someone who wouldn’t talk my ear off and was focused like a laser on getting from point A to point B.  Madison is also “cool as a cucumber” and could handle things like a stressed-out me trapped in a car, bad weather, scary roadways, and heavy traffic.  Plus, in my mind’s eye, she would be very nice to look at while she “drove Ms. Bev” across the country.

BIO: Bev’s first novel, My Soldier Too, was nominated for the Ann Bannon Popular Choice Award. Her second novel, Step Into the Wind, is available now from Blue Feather Books. Learn more about Bev at her website HERE.

Erica Lawson

All my characters are opinionated, hard-headed and likely to knock me into next week if I said something silly. So, I’d say I’d go with the one who has the silver convertible — Carmen Pratka from Miss-Match. I don’t want to be driving the whole way by myself. Besides, she can also afford to buy the munchies on the way.

Hey! I’m not cheap!

BIO: Erica Lawson is based in Australia, where she writes science fiction, thrillers, and romance. You can find her at Blue Feather Books, Kindle, or at her website. You can also find her fanfic online, where she writes as Aurelia. Her forthcoming romance, Reflected Passion, will be available through Blue Feather.

Renee Roman

You never make this easy!

Okay, if I have to pick one character to go on a road trip with, it would be Sean Moore from a work in progress currently titled, “Writer’s Right.” Sean is an enigmatic, androgynous woman who has held a few jobs in her relatively young life. She is a 34-year-old ex-CIA member who now works for the main character as a chauffeur and personal assistant.

Sean is adventurous, reflective, and passionate. Intelligent and caring, she would make a wonderful traveling companion. Reliable and fun, (Not to mention sexy as hell!) Sean would make any vacation memorable. I think we’d go to someplace in the Pacific Northwest. I’ll leave the details to her!

Many thanks for giving me the opportunity to share.

BIO: Renee Roman has been writing, in one way or another, for as long as she can remember. Writing is her passion (one of many) and she tries to feed it every day. She lives in upstate New York with her partner, and now wife, twenty-three plus years. You can find Renee online at her website HERE

Lea Santos (Lynda Sandoval)

I will cheat and pick two: Torien Pacias from Under Her Skin, and little sister Madeira Pacias from Playing the Player. Why?  Well, for one, I find them both HOT, although that seems almost wrong, speaking as their creator. They’re sort of like my kids, sort of not…I mean, you definitely fall in love with your characters as you write, but yadda yadda–it’s a gray area. Anyway, road tripping with these two would be a BLAST because of their entertaining sisterly interplay, for one, and also because Madeira would keep everything just crazy enough to be edgy and memorable, and Toro would keep us all out of jail! Bonus.

BIO: Lea recently moved from Denver to western New York with her spouse, Niner, and brood: five cats, and two bunnies. She spends her days writing, editing, pissing away perfectly good hours on social media, and working part-time at an animal hospital. She sucks at getting her website completed, so just look for her on Facebook.

ML Skinner
Of course I would hit the road with Cody from my novel Highway 30. In this book Cody spends half of it having adventures on the road from Wyoming until she finds true love in Illinois. What better way to spend the summer then with cute Cody and her pick up truck?

BIO: ML Skinner lives in the Pacific Northwest and has been writing since she can remember. Finally, self publishing has made it possible for her to get her lesbian fiction out into the world where she hopes if will find an appreciative audience. She has published five books and is a finalist for a Goldie from the Golden Crown Literary Society for her anthology, “In Remembrance and Other Stories”. You can find her online at her website HERE.

SY Thompson

If I were going to take a summer road trip, I’d take my character Park Ranger Jamison Kessler along for the ride. Jamison is amazon-tall, black-haired and green-eyed. She can also transform into a black jaguar at will. Mystery and intrigue follow Jamison around like a little lost puppy, but she has the skills to deal with anything that comes her way. On top of all that, Jamison enjoys women and loves to laugh. She would ensure that the trip was full of adventure and it would be an experience I’d never forget.

BIO: SY Thompson writes speculative fiction and romance, available through Regal Crest. Her latest, Under the Midnight Cloak, was just published and her next, Now You See Me, is a romantic thriller due out later this year. She also writes Janeway/Star Trek fanfic, which you can find links to at her website. When she’s not writing, she’s focused on her studies in criminology and psychology at Texas A&M.


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