That’s a Wrap

Hey everyone!  Yvonne decided to celebrate her win at GCLS by quitting smoking. Yes, I’m impressed! However, one of the side effects for her nicotine-craving body is that she can’t sit still or concentrate for very long. Lack of concentration is a total killer when trying to come up with a blog. That’s where I come in! I’m blogging for Yvonne today and she’ll be back next week (knock wood).

First, I wanted to share this with y’all, just in case you are trying to quit smoking like Yvonne. Here’s a website full of resources to help you along the way! Good luck!

Now for the fun!

The Cocktail Hour did a full show talking about their favorite moments at GCLS. Go check that out HERE.

Andi Marquette did a day by day recap of her experience at GCLS HERE.

You can find tons of pictures of the event HERE on the Golden Crown facebook page.

R.G. Emanuelle blogged about her GCLS experience HERE.

Cheyne Curry Blogged about it HERE.

Keynote Speaker, Georgia Beers, Blogs about it HERE.

Here’s a blog from Yvonne Heidt. She blogs about the inspiration for her award winning novel, Sometime Yesterday. Be forewarned, it will make you cry. Check it out HERE.

Finally, HERE is the complete list of winners from the GCLS website.

Okay folks, if you know of any other blogs recapping the GCLS experience that we simply must check out, drop a link into the comments section below.


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