Is Anybody Out There? by I. Beacham


Check it out, Bold Strokes Books author I. Beacham stopped by to share a fabulous guest blog with us today. She has a new release called The Rarest Rose and it’s a romance. As an extra bonus, it has ghosts. Ghosts are, in case you didn’t know, pretty damn cool.

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by I. Beacham

I was deeply disappointed.

It all started a few years ago around Christmas time, and the wonderful BBC had let me down. You see, every year around the festive time, BBC TV always screens late night, short ghost stories…you know the sort of thing, spooky little tales, like the railway man doing the lone late shift on the railway line and who keeps seeing the spectre of a woman dressed in clothes from a by-gone era. I have to tell you, I love these things and will sit up into the late hours to catch the often black and white treasures. But no more. In their wisdom, the BBC has apparently stopped doing these and replaced December evenings with schedules that are far too worldly for my tastes.

Bereft, I sat and lamented, gnashed my teeth and played with the Christmas tree tinsel. How was I going to cope without my annual spirited array of spectres? Then it came to me. Stop moaning and write my own ghost story. So, I reached for my quill and started writing The Rarest Rose, a contemporary love story set in the English Cotswolds and where the two main characters of Ele and Kiernan meet and …well, you know what happens in a romance. But since this was to be a ghost story, I needed a ghost. I wrote my story plan and introduced what I thought was a pretty good ghost with a likely back story. But that spirit never materialized. As I started to write, something quite spooky happened. I suddenly became aware of another ghost, speaking to me (I wonder if I have Medium tendencies?) and demanding I write a different story. This character came ‘through’ very strongly and with its own bitterly sad and poignant tale. I can honestly say I had the spectre’s complete story within a day and knew then that my job was to get this written down as fast as possible. The outcome was that The Rarest Rose ended up as a love story within a love story.

Now I don’t want to give you too much detail because I would actually like you to buy the book (starving author, and all that) and read the tale for yourself but if I tell you what I think influenced where my ghost came from?

I have a genuine love of history and I am more than aware that next year will be the 100th anniversary of the 1914 – 1918 World War One. As a keen reader of that period of time and, in particular, its emotive and powerful poetry, I have always felt drawn to its sadness and loss. It was a time that deeply impacted many across the globe, and certainly here in Britain. I have grown up hearing about those in the family who went to fight, and who did – or did not—return. While it might be ‘history’ to me, for many others of not so long ago, it was tragedy.There were many people who never married because their loved ones never returned from the trenches of Flanders. So I think my latest book was influenced by this approaching anniversary and that, subconsciously,I wanted to acknowledge it. The outcome is that The Rarest Rose delivers two love stories, both blighted, and where echoes of the past still resonate. These gentle reverberations offer direction and hope for the two contemporary characters in this book.

Beyond that, I’m not sure I have anything else of interest to add, other than if ever my book writing muses dry up, I could possibly tune into my spiritual energy and become a Psychic Medium. After all, I am a tea-loving Brit and there are still plenty of tea leaves out there to read.

I Beacham



  1. This book will definitely be in my shopping cart later today. The only thing better than a good ghost story is a good historical ghost story. I look forward to reading this story!


  2. A woman after my own heart! I, too, was disappointed by the lack of ghost stories on Christmas Eve. We used to huddle round the telly, with only the comfortable glow of the fire to light the room. When a piece of coal shifted, we all jumped out of our skins. Why do we like being scared, I wonder!?? I also am fascinated by WW1. I visited Ypres last year and did a tour of the war graves. What an awful waste of young life.
    I’m looking forward to reading the Rarest Rose.


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