Sneak Peek – The Quickening: Book Two in the Sister of Spirits Trilogy

Who’s ready for a sneak peek? As I am in the middle of edits, and oh-so easily distracted – I thought a snippet of The Quickening: Book Two in the Sisters of Spirits Trilogy might be the perfect thing to post this week.

Let me catch you up with a little background information.

S.O.S. is a paranormal investigative society of three women who are each gifted in different ways. They met filming a documentary about psychic kids and have been best friends since.

Book One: The Awakening – is Sunny’s and Jordan’s story. We meet them along with Tiffany and Shade – the charismatic team of Sisters of Spirits. The story is chock full of colorful characters and ghosts. If you’ve missed it, you can find it here at Bold Strokes Books.

I’ve written the trilogy so each book is a stand-alone story, with just a tiny lead- in for the next. Fans of the Sisters have written and asked when they can expect Tiffany’s story. Well, I’ll tell you!

The Quickening is officially being released around the first of the year. So, don’t hate me for teasing you. But you know? It’s kind of my job, and I enjoy it. 🙂 And since I’m starting early, it’s actually to your advantage, right?

the quickening littleA single mother and natural psychic healer, Tiffany Curran has the ability to read places and people by touch, and although it’s a gift she uses to help people, it’s also a curse that prevents her from having much human contact. She tries to keep life simple, but that all changes when Katerina Volchosky calls in the Sisters of Spirits paranormal team for help.

Kat is tired of reporting about violence in the city. She’s looking for a change when the Seattle Police Department contacts her and needs a liaison. Kat is hoping that S.O.S. can connect with a serial killer’s victims to help provide clues to help solve the cold case files. When she meets Tiffany, she remembers a promise she made centuries ago. tiffany priestess

Ghosts, vision, and demons – It’s all in a day’s work for Tiffany. But when she meets Kat, life takes on another dimension altogether.

So, here is your sneak-peak!

The Quickening sneak peek

Kat sat on her deck and watched the first gray streaks in the sky turn red then orange in a brilliant sunrise that promised a beautiful day in the city of Seattle. She looked down at her empty glass before setting it aside.

She was numb and couldn’t recall when she’d finished the drink. How long had it been since the ice cubes had melted? Four hours? Five?
She was still in shock.

From the instant Tiffany stepped out of the elevator, she’d recognized her. From her flowing red hair, every freckle, and her sea green eyes, she’d known.

Kat had loved her through a thousand dreams and knew every nuance, in every expression of her beloved face. The way her eyes lit when she was full of joy, how her lips softened before a tender kiss.

The dreams of Tanna stopped abruptly the year before Kat turned twenty. Through the years, she continued to wait and search the crowds but eventually she’d given up. Kat convinced herself that her visions were the psychological fantasy of an adopted child searching for an identity.

How could it be anything other than destiny that her friend, Jordan, met and fell in love with Sunny? Kat had heard of Tiffany and her daughter, Angel, for months but for some twists of fate, had never met her until last night.

Her chest still ached remembering how Tiffany had turned and left her standing there. She didn’t seem to recognize her at all. Had in fact, appeared to be frightened of her. That her lover from the past wouldn’t fall into her arms and weep with relief at the sight of her had never occurred to Kat.

kat in battle
The sun’s rays crested the horizon and made her squint through the alcohol induced haze. Now what? It was a hell of a way to start her vacation, sitting in one spot all night drinking her confusion away. What she really wanted to do was drive to Bremerton and chase Tiffany down. But after the shock and the less-than inspired reception, Kat didn’t think that would be her smartest move.


In addition – there’s still plenty of chills, thrills, and haunted houses for our girls at SOS – promise!

I have visual inspiration boards on Pinterest.

Let me know what you think.

I’m back to edits now – thanks for stopping in!


    • Already started it! It’s my favorite too – dark characters are awesome to write. BUT first we must on Tiffany’s journey to learn more about them!
      Thank you!


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