Happy Friday!

Hey, everybody —

Just popping by to wish everyone a happy Friday and hope everyone has an awesome weekend. Jove and I are on the road (not together, alas), so we’re taking a break Saturday. Don’t freak out. It’s just a day. You’ll be fine.

Oh, I did want to remind folks about the NM author gathering September 14th outside Albuquerque. Me (Andi), Lynn Ames, Karen Badger, Barrett, Bett Reece Johnson, and Nat Burns will be in attendance. Here’re the details.

Hope to see you there!

Weather permitting wherever you are this weekend, get outside! Summer’s on its way out, friends, and in some parts of the country, kids go back to school this coming week. Yikes.

But if you feel like leaving a comment with your summer memories or some cool stuff you did this past summer or even anything you’ve got coming up, please do! We’d love to hear from you.