You so want to come to New Mexico

Hey, people —

I’m pimping this mercilessly because it’s coming up right quick.

On September 14 at 2 PM, a bunch of authors (including MOI) are convening in New Mexico at a groovy spot about 15 miles outside of Albuquerque. It’s at a national forest picnic area and we’re grillin’ burgers n’ hotdogs n’ veggie burgers for folks who come on up to hang out with us. We (the authors) will also be doing readings, selling some books, and taking questions.

After that fabulous-ness, we’ll probably take our party into town and have some beverages and New Mexican food that evening to continue the discussions, if you so desire.

The authors in attendance are Andi Marquette (that’s me), Lynn Ames, Barrett, Karen Badger, Nat Burns, and Bett Reece Johnson. R.G. Emanuelle will also be there.

More info and a link to a flyer available HERE.

The Facebook page is available HERE. You will find info about area restaurants, some things to do, and lodging in the Files section of that Facebook page, as well as some photos of the site.

The event will be Saturday, September 14 from 2-4 at PINE FLAT PICNIC AREA. You’ll be taking I-40 East out of Albuquerque toward Tijeras.

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 2.40.09 PM

Here’s the breakdown: I-40 E out of Albuquerque toward Tijeras (about 15 miles, give or take, depending on where you’re traveling from in ABQ).
Take exit 175 for NM 337/NM 333 toward Tijeras (about .4 miles)
Merge onto NM 337 South, go about 6.9 miles.
Turn left onto Pine Flat, go about .1 mile.

We’ll be flying THIS so you know you’re in the right place:

So come on down! We’re calling ourselves Western Women Writers of New Mexico. Hope to see some of you there. . .

Happy Friday!


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