On the Road Again

Once again, as you read this blog, I will most likely be on the road again—this time, to Palm Springs, California, to attend the Left Coast Lesbian Conference. It looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun, but I will also be “working.” I am presenting a workshop called “Editing Process,” which is about preparing your manuscript for submission. My co-presenter is Lee Fitzsimmons, publisher of Desert Palm Press, and between the two of us, we should have a few nuggets of wisdom to impart.

And, if you’re reading this, chances are you’re not attending because the con is, in fact, already underway (or maybe you’re poolside at La Casita Laquita, catching up on your blogs). But while I’m there, I want you all to be good little girls and write, write, write. I’m counting on you all to produce some good stuff to read in the coming year.

Unfortunately for me, as much as I enjoy going to cons/events, traveling always sets me back in my personal work and it takes me a while to catch up. Having said that, I feel that I’ve accomplished quite a bit in the past month and October will see the manifestations of all that flurry.

My novella, Add Spice to Taste, will be available for Kindle readers very shortly. For those who may be interested in a synopsis, it’s HERE. Are you a die-hard fan of Chopped, Next Top Chef, and every show on the Food Network? Then you might like this story.

When the Clock Strikes Thirteen, a collection of Halloween stories being published by Ylva Publishing, is due out any time now (that includes one of my stories), and Liz McMullen’s Halloween show will go live on October 30. And I would love for you to join me on October 26 and 27 over at LesFic Reader for a few hours of Q&A.

So, while I know that when I return from California, I will be struggling to catch up, I will at least know that this has a productive month for me nonetheless. And I want it to be productive for you all, too. As the holidays approach, many of us are inspired by music, decorations, movies, and pumpkin bread (I know I am). Go with that inspiration and let your creativity soar.

I expect to see lots of new stuff, so keep us posted on what’s happening with you.

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