Did you catch this?

The Liz McMullen Show – 10/11/13, VK Powell joins Liz for an hour long discussion of how fabulous VK and her fictional cops really are. Check that out HERE.

The Liz McMullen Show – 10/10/13, Rachel Spangler joins Liz for a reading on Lizzie’s Bedtime Stories. Go listen HERE.

The Liz McMullen Show – 10/09/13, Liz gives us the rundown on the Left Coast Lesbian Conference, including links to all the attendees who’ve joined her for a show. Check that out HERE.

Cocktail Hour – 10/26/13, Susan X Meagher stopped by Cocktail Hour. Hop over there and join the game of “Who would you fuck?” to be entered into a drawing to win one of her books. Check that out HERE.

LesficREADER – Yvonne Heidt joins the LesficREADER group on facebook this weekend. You can be a part of the conversation HERE.

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