Human Nature in a Made Up World by MB Panichi

Congratulations to Erin Saluta! She won a copy of Saving Morgan by MB Panichi!

Happy Sunday morning! Author MB Panichi stopped by to tell us all about her debut novel, Saving Morgan. It’s available now from Bella Books. She’s so darn excited about it, she’s giving away a copy here at Women & Words!

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Human Nature in a Made Up World
by MB Panichi

Hello, Everyone! Jove was kind enough to give me some blog space, so here goes!

I have to admit this is a newbie author blog, and I hope you’ll bear with me. I thought, since my first book will be released shortly, that I’d share with you a little about how “Saving Morgan” came into existence.

I’ve been a sci-fi fan all my life. I fell in love with writers like Ray Bradbury when I was in grade school and I read anything sci-fi I could find. I read and re-read my favorites. When I could get out of the kids section of the library, I moved on to books by Robert Heinlein, Jo Clayton, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Dungeons and Dragons, and Frank Herbert.

And then there was Star Wars. Can you say, “Fanatically obsessed I became?” And Battlestar Galactica. And Buck Rogers. Later, I discovered Star Trek, the original series. (I was finally able to see re-runs when I was in college.) I obsessed on Next Gen, DS9, and Babylon 5. And all the many books and authors in between.

For me, sci-fi was the thing. I spent hours and hours and hours writing fan fiction for myself, before I knew it even existed. I loved creating new characters and putting them into the worlds with which I was fascinated, or making the lead characters do what I wanted them to do instead of what they did on TV. I wrote a couple of DS9 novellas, and when I got seriously annoyed with the Babylon 5 story arc, I created my own version of events.

What I love about really good sci-fi is that it doesn’t matter what world you’re on. Human nature is human nature, with the same wonderful and awful traits that we have in the here and now. Except that in sci-fi you get to escape to another time or other worlds. As far as I’m concerned, if I wanted to read about here and now, I’d watch the news or read Time Magazine. I read to escape all that.

“Saving Morgan” is an escape from the “real world” into one of my own making. In a lot of ways, it’s not so different than our own. I wanted to create a situation and characters that anyone could relate to. But it’s just so much more fun if they live somewhere and sometime else.

It was also important that I didn’t alienate (Get it?? Alien?? ) readers who don’t generally get into sci-fi. I think—I hope— I’ve succeeded. My non-sci-fi-reading writers’ group buddies thought I managed to create an understandable world. They assured me that I didn’t frighten them off with unimaginable gadgets or bizarre words that made their heads spin. I sure hope that’s true.

Hopefully, some of you will take the chance and read “Saving Morgan,” and geek out with me for a while. It’ll be a fun ride.

And someday I still want to pilot the Millennium Falcon, and go where no woman has gone before…



  1. I love Sci Fi! I was crazy about all the sci fi shows on TV too! Although I never wrote anything to ‘fix it’ I did complain a lot! 🙂 Count me in on the drawing, i would love to win a copy, I am always looking for a new author to read!


  2. I watched the Empire Strikes Back so many times because I wanted to be on the Millennium Falcon! I’m glad another author is delving into the sci-fi world is bringing it to the lesfic world. Looking forward to it!


  3. Ursula LeGuin said that no matter where science fiction is set–or when–it’s really about here and now; it’s about the human condition. I look forward to reading Saving Morgan.


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