The Wings Series by Lesley Davis

bsb_pale_wings_protecting__00762Check it out! Author Lesley Davis stopped by to share her thoughts about her new release, Pale Wings Protecting. This is the second in The Wings Series and is available now from Bold Strokes Books.

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The Wings Series
by Lesley Davis

When the character of Blythe Kent was introduced in “Dark Wings Descending” I knew I wanted to have that character in her own story. The FBI agent would play a small role in her best friend Detective Rafe Douglas’s investigation, being the profiler who unwittingly profiles something more than just an evil in a human form. But whereas Rafe and Ashley Scott’s story would involve all manner of heaven and hell, I had originally plotted that Blythe’s story would just be a crime book, without the added supernatural twist.

For my ‘undercover lovers’ I wanted the kidnapping of the babies to be the central criminal element, but I also wanted for there to be as much emphasis placed on how Blythe and her new partner Detective Daryl Chandler interacted. They have to play a couple desperate to adopt a child to make their family complete. But Daryl came with her own special ability. She has an uncanny sixth sense when it comes to finding children. So while I was working away on that all I could hear was Rafe Douglas in my ear saying “You know you need to bring us into this, don’t you?” She became louder as the story progressed and I had to agree. So “Pale Wings Protecting” emerged and became a spin off from “Dark Wings Descending”. Rafe and Ashley make a return as does the world they inhabit with all the evil and goodness it carries with it.

I’ve written supernatural themes before, tipping my hat to the wonderful world of witches who cast spells to protect the planet. This time around I decided to delve into the underworld and bring forth demons. I brought along the angels too as all stories need the good to balance out the bad. And then there’s Rafe, my ever questioning voice of reason who asks the questions we all would ask. She never takes anything on faith, she has to seeand she ends up seeing more than she could ever have dreamed of. In “Pale Wings Protecting”, I wanted Blythe, who deals with human monsters daily in her line of work, to be more open minded. As for Daryl, she’s grown up with her ability but never knows where it came from or why she has it. It was just a natural extension for her job, she’s a detective who can find children. Being part of the investigation to track down who is stealing new born babies is where she needs to be. In the course of the investigation though she’ll learn more about herself and just where those powers originate.

Do I believe that the things I write could actually be real? I definitely believe that “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” I would hate to have Rafe’s sight of what truly walks this planet. With knowledge comes responsibility and there are way too many video games for me to be playing than to have to worry about the demon living two doors down from me! But I can’t help but look at the state of the world and wonder what influences we really do have leading us, for good or bad.

I would like to believe that, if this world does have supernatural forces battling it out, then somewhere among us there are people like Ashley and Rafe to stand for us. Will Blythe and Daryl join them? You’ll have to read “Pale Wings Protecting” to see! I hope you enjoy it when you do!

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  1. I really enjoyed the other books – so much so that I said so in Amazon reviews – and I’m also not sure what I think about the issues you raise but the books do make you think and that is no bad thing! I have downloaded Pale Wings Protecting and I am looking forward to reading after I finish The awakening – sisters in spirit series….. Oh hang on, do I see a theme developing in my reading…. Maybe I should go back to my “proper” books for a while (I’m doing a PhD)…. But then again….


  2. Congrats to Lesley Davis on the new release. This book seems like it’d be right up my alley genre-wise. Adding it to my to-read list. (I also quite LOVE the cover art)


    • Thanks so much Tonya, I’m chuffed to be have this book added to your list! I heartily agree, the cover art is AWESOME! I was thrilled to pieces when I saw it, it’s perfect for the story and works so well with the cover for the previous book “Dark Wings Descending”. I hope you enjoy this when you read it!


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