November = NaNoWriMo

Are you ready for it? NaNo is coming!

For those of you who aren’t complete writing geeks, like I am, let me explain. Each year in November, a whole bunch of folks the world over engage in a writing challenge called NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month. The goal is to write a novel in one month, or thirty days.

The definition of “Novel” is pretty specific for NaNo. In order to “win” the challenge, you must write 50,000 words. If you write every single day, that averages out to 1,667 words per day. If you prefer to work in broader strokes, the word count target per week is 12,500, with two days left over. I like that version of things just a little better, because, really there’s no way I’m not going to take a day or two off during the month. Hello! Thanksgiving.

If you haven’t guessed yet, I’ll be taking place in NaNo this year. My fellow Woman and Wordser, Yvonne Heidt is on board as well. We’re both working on contracted novels, but that definitely isn’t necessary for NaNo.

I plan to use the month to push me through to completion on a story called “The Job.” Want to know more about it? You can find out all about it HERE. Ironically, it’s scheduled for release in November of 2014.

Yvonne is working on The Deadening: Book Three of the Sisters of Spirit Trilogy. She’s not sharing any information about it because it contains spoilers for book two, The Quickening, which isn’t scheduled for release until January, 2014. You’ll have to cheer Yvonne on faith alone. Trust me, it’s going to be amazing.

Right about now I KNOW you’re thinking that you, too, would like to take part in this amazing event. Or maybe you just like having links to click. Either way, you can learn more about NaNoWriMo at their official website HERE.

And if you decide to take part, Yvonne and I would love to be your writing buddies. My profile ID is JOVE (Yes, I’m all kinds of clever and original). Yvonne’s is ymh99.

If you’ve already signed up, chime in here and share your information so that we can look you up as well. 

Happy Writing, folks!



  1. Gearing up, cracking my knuckles, laying in a supply of m&m’s… All good things to help me type faster, spend more time at the keyboard, and pump out that word count!


  2. First time NaNo-er …I’ve known about it for quite a while … but this time is the first time my life seemed to align with doing it … then life happened, and I’ll have a shorter time than I anticipated … I’ll have to do 3500 words a day to finish on time … but it’s do-able … right? 😀

    My username is Widder, surprising, no?


  3. Yup, I have done this every year since…’06? Butch Girls Can Fix Anything was my first NaNo attempt. I reckon I won, eh? I’ve won a few other years but then have busted all the others. This year, I am writing the 3rd book in the Soliloquy series (the first, To Sleep, comes in in a few weeks). I want to just bang it out and see what happens. My username on NaNo is HolyRoller. Yeah, long story to that.


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