Did you catch this?

The Liz McMullen Show – 11/8/13, QC Masters joins Liz to discuss her latest novel, Bridge Over Sorrows. Check that out HERE.

The Liz McMullen Show – 11/7/13, VK Powell joins Liz on Lizzie’s Bedtime Stories to read from her new novel, Exit Wounds. Go listen HERE.

The Liz McMullen Show – 11/5/13, Liz is recruiting for her Valentine special. Go sign up HERE.

The Liz McMullen Show – 11/4/13, Gender and Sexuality discussion, part 6 with Cate Culpepper and Roxy Rhavensfyre. Check that out HERE.

The Liz McMullen Show – 10/31/13, Roxy and KL Ravensfyre join Liz to discuss their debut novel, Switching Gears. Check that out HERE.

Lizzie’s Bedtime Stories Halloween Special – In the spirit of Halloween, Liz is joined by a group of awesome story tellers. Check that out HERE.


Cocktail Hour – 11/3/13, Just a quick Bar Rag to tell you all about their fund raising efforts for Guinevere Turner’s new film, Creeps. Check that out HERE.

Cocktail Hour – 11/3/13, Chana Wilson stopped by to talk about her newly released memoir, Riding Fury Home. Check that out HERE.

Cocktail Hour – 10/31/13, Colette Moody gives us another episode of Last Call wherein she discusses Fall Fuckery. Check that out HERE.

Cocktail Hour – 10/27/13, Film maker and actress, Guinevere Turner, joins Nicki for an episode of Flicks and Swizzle Sticks. Check that out HERE.

Ylva – 10/30/13 – Liz McMullen stops by as guest blogger to talk about her Halloween Special. Check it outHERE.

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