Countdown to the Hootenanny

Hootenanny.3As promised, here’s the list of participating authors!

Hootenanny 2013

AJ Adair
Ali Spooner
Alyssa Linn Palmer
Amanda Kyle Williams
Amy Dawson Robertson
Andi Marquette
Andrea Bramhall
Ann McMan and Salem West
Anne Laughlin
Ashley Bartlett
Barbara Clanton
Barbara Winkes
Barbara Ann Wright
Baxter Clare Trautman
Beth Burnett
Bev Prescott
Carrie Carr
Carsen Taite
Catherine Blackfeather
Catherine M. Wilson
Cathy Pegau
Cathy Rowlands
Cheyne Curry
Chris Anne Wolfe
Chris Paynter
Cindy Rizzo
Clare Ashton
Clifford Henderson
Colette Moody
D. Jackson Leigh
D. Jordan Redhawk
Dillon Watson
Donna K. Ford
Doreen Perrine
Ellen Hart
Erica Lawson
Fae Jacobs
Fiona Zedde
Gato Timberlake
Georgia Beers
Gun Brooke
J.E. Knowles
Jeanine Hoffman
Jennifer Jackson
Jess Faraday
Jesse Blackadder
Jessie Chandler
Joan Opyr
Jove Belle
Justine Saracen
K.G. MacGregor
Karen Badger
Karis Walsh
Kate McLachlan
Katherine Forrest
Kathleen Wheeler
Kim Pritekel
Kim Taylor Blakemore
L.T. Marie
Laurie Salzler
Layce Gardner
Lea Santos
Lee Lynch
Linda Kay Silva
Linda North
Lori L. Lake
Lynette Mae
Lynn Ames
M.B. Panichi
M.L. Skinner
Mari SanGiovanni
Marianne Martin
Meghan O’Brien
Melissa Brayden
Melissa Good
Patty G. Henderson
Paula Martinac
Paula Offutt
Q. Kelly
R.E. Bradshaw
R.G. Emanuelle
Rachel Spangler
Rebecca Swartz
Rebekah Weatherspoon
Renée Bess
Robin Roseau
S.Y. Thompson
Sacchi Green
Sally Bellerose
Sandra Moran
Saxon Bennett
Shawn Blackhawk
Sophia Kell Hagen
Stacey Darlington
Stevie Carroll
Tracey Richardson
V.K. Powell
V.T. Davy
Winter Pennington
Yolanda Wallace
Yvonne Heidt
Zelma Blitzreiter

Isn’t that just one giant, overwhelming bucket full of awesomeness? Just a few more days, folks…


  1. Well, that’s just the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. Whoever heard of giving this many books away? WTH is wrong with you people? LOLOLOL DAMN RIGHT WE’RE GIVING THIS MANY BOOKS AWAY! Join us December 12 for the crazy!


  2. Talk about a great list of authors. This is going to be awesome!
    Thanks in advance for all the hard work that goes into running an event like the Hootenanny!! Cheers!! 🙂


  3. Thank you. This time of year keeps me busy and late on email. Illness forced me into retirement yet I seem a bit stronger today;
    Which makes it good to hear from you. I have stories I believe should pass on (haven’t we all?). The new txt writing I find very distracting from the heart of a tale Please use it wisely or it can date your writing to a specific era no longer embraced. Remember; current convention, fashion and trends are ‘Play-Dough’ in you hands. Do U still have any play dough creations from your childhood? I will guess you may have many memories of those days which are as fragile…tell us about them…tell me about them.
    Therefore attempt to solidify. You must advance your literary style to ceramics or glass, possibly sculpture. …I know how old a ‘Carol’ is and I am willing to bet on the age of a ‘Joan’. So do you. Please tell me of the ‘Architecture’ in your life; the world which shaped your imagination for better or worse and Compels you to alert the rest of humanity, or your neighborhood or your lover. Tell us.
    Such egotism we writers must posecess


  4. […] groovy. Remember, this Thursday begins the MASSIVE BIG-ASS CRAZY GIVEAWAY over at Women and Words! Here’s a list of authors. We’ve also got several lesfic publishing houses joining in and another publisher that does […]


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