DAY 3 of the 12-Day Holiday Hootenanny!

Hootenanny.Day3What? What’s that? You’re TIRED? Gracious, grab a latte, people. We’re just GETTING STARTED here! This is Day 3 of the TWELVE-DAY holiday madness here at Women and Words. The elves have only just finished with the tree (they managed to practically burn down the menorah — don’t ask) and last I saw, the reindeer were setting up for a rave.

Running through the snow
with armloads full of books
there’s lots of stuff to read
c’mon and have a look!
bells on elf hats ring
making spirits bright
what fun it is to roll in snow
because it’s quite a sight!

jingle books jingle books
jingle all the way!
Oh what fun it is to play
with books all freaking day! HEY!

Welcome, friends, to Day 3 of the Holiday Hootenanny here at Women and Words! Below, you’ll find today’s offerings. To enter today’s drawing, leave a comment on today’s blog. Please include an email address in the fill-out form, but do NOT include an email address in the body of your comment (don’t worry, nobody but the elves will see). The elves are trying to save you from spam-bots. One entry per person, please. There are lots of opportunities to win. Share the luv. πŸ™‚

Speaking of sharing the luv, THANK YOU SO MUCH to all the authors and publishers who have contributed this year to make this event a freakin’ fiesta fabulosa!

Okay, anyway, sweeties, it’s way too confusing for the elves if you try to sign up for a particular book. So here’s how it works. The first name drawn gets the first book on the list below, and so on down the list. Authors, if your book is in today’s offerings, please refrain from signing up for the drawing because that’s kind of weird, if you win your own book. I mean, you’ve already read it, right? πŸ˜€ Thanks.

The drawing closes at 10 PM EST US. Here’s your world clock link for those of you not in the US. We then do the drawing and pass the winners’ contact info along to the authors, who will contact you directly. And we also post the winners on this blog. Give the author a little lag time to contact you.

Okay, let’s rock n’ roll, people! Go get yew some books!


1 copy of the latest release from Ann and Salem! Life, love, and fun through America’s heartland. Line supervisor Jill Fryman works at a truck manufacturing plant in Indiana. Sultry union organizer comes into town after the company is bought by a Japanese firm. Sparks fly between Jill and the organizer, and fun and craziness ensues as only Ann and Salem can tell it.

FAY JACOBSSharon Clark

She’s back! Fay’s latest Rehoboth Memoir, Time Fries, is brand spankin’ new and ready for public consumption! Here, Fay decides NOT to act her age, NOT to go quietly into Medicare, and NOT to miss any fun. Join Fay in another installment of her hilarious take on life, retirement, and a sea-change in marriage equality politics. The winner gets a paperback copy.

MARI SANGIOVANNI – Jen Marie @ A Lesbian Reads

Winner gets 1 copy of Mari’s latest, Camptown Ladies. Join Marie Santora and the Santora family for another crazy adventure when Marie’s sister tries to transform a run-down campground into a gay and lesbian paradise. Hijinks invariably ensue!


Winner’s choice of any of Joan’s books: Idaho Code, OR From Hell to Breakfast, OR Shaken and Stirred. Join Bil on her wacky Idaho adventures and mysteries in Idaho Code and From Hell to Breakfast or hang out with Poppy on her bittersweet but hilarious journey into her past and future when she returns to the East Coast to help her dying grandfather. Life and love as only Lambda nominee and Goldie winner Joan Opyr can tell it.


1 paperback copy of Colette’s latest, Parties in Congress! Bijal Rao has her first paid political staff appointment, and she’s trying to get her candidate elected to office. But what happens when she realizes she’s really attracted to her candidate’s political opponent? Filled with laugh-out-loud scenes as only Colette can spin ’em, if you win this one, you’ll find out what happens.


Winner scores 1 paperback copy of award-winning Sally Bellerose’s The Girls Club. Follow the lives, loves, and laughs of working-class lesbian life in the 1970s.


Winner gets 1 copy of Beth’s latest, Andy’s Song in either paperback format or ebook. Meet Andy, who’s got money, and all the casual sex she could want. But lately, that’s not enough, and she’s trying to figure out if there’s more to life than that, especially when she meets someone who is looking for more than just casual. Can Andy open her heart to possibility? Grow a little? Change a little? If you win, you’ll find out!


In 1997, Joan O’Connor travels back to Kansas to clean out her estranged mother’s house following the latter’s death. She discovers a box of trinkets and sealed letters never sent to someone identified only by an initial. Joan soon learns that her aloof, inflexible, unyielding mother was anything but, and that the woman her mother had met in 1930s Chicago was a secret her mother had kept for decades, through a marriage to a man she grew to hate and a relationship with a daughter from whom she’s grown apart. Winner gets a copy of this, Sandra’s debut novel, in either print or ebook (note: print shipped to US only). And people, this is a recent 2013 Rainbow Award WINNER for best lesbian debut novel!


Winner gets 1 ebook or paperback copy of Lambda nominee Baxter Clare Trautman’s The River Within. Three women. Three lies. One chance to tell the truth.


Four women whose lives intertwine. They will soon face a crisis that will have them either torn apart or realizing that there is Strength in Numbers. Winner gets a print OR ebook copy.

DEJAY TWO BOOKS, TWO WINNERS! – Allison Mugnier & Trish

Justina Murphy has been on the streets since she was 13, thrown out of her house because she’s gay. She spent the last 30 years building a life for herself. Victoria Cartwright is a social services worker who’s trying to convince Justina to open her home to two strangers, Jesse and her baby sister Brianna. Jessie is attending Catholic school, and even in 2003, her struggles with her sexual identity can cause problems. When these three strangers come together, there are fights and tears but also unveilings. Each of two winners will receive an ebook of Strangers.

KAREN BADGER TWO BOOKS! TWO WINNERS! – Cris Perez & bookishbutch

You’ve read her fiction for years. And you devoured her award-winning published work. So here’s your chance to score one of her books. Choose from On a Wing and Prayer, in which pilot Cassidy Conway decides to leave her self-imposed emotional exile following the death of her lover and contact science fiction writer Roxanne Ward after seeing her photo on a book jacket. Roxanne is dealing with her own issues, including an abusive relationship, but she welcomes a new friendship, but it sets off a chain of events filled with suspense.
Karen’s also offering a copy of Yesterday Once More. It’s 2105, and Jordan Lewis is working with doctors to restore her mobility from the waist down. She comes across the diaries of Maggie Downs, a woman who died a hundred years before in an accident a lot like Jordan’s. Jordan is convinced that Maggie, who is haunting her dreams, is trying to contact her. Can she bridge time and space? Win it and find out!

Winner’s choice, one print or ebook. Hit the link to check the catalog.

Winner’s choice, one ebook. Hit the link to check the catalog.

Winner’s choice, one print or ebook! Hit the link to see the goods!

Winner’s choice, one ebook or one print book! Click the link to see the goodies.

Winner’s choice, one ebook. Check out the link for the goodies.

Winner’s choice, one ebook! Hit the link to check out the fun.


  1. So many great titles and new authors to check out! Pass the eggnog – oh wait – we drank it all last night. Dang! Well, maybe I’ll win an excuse to make some more. Thank you elves; don’t carry too many books at once!


    • Hi, Baxter–we ask above that authors whose books are featured on a particular day not participate that day. Cuz it would be weird for an author win her own book. πŸ™‚


  2. on the third day of Hootenanny
    my true love gave to me
    Books, Books, and more books..
    wish i could say i was familiar with all those authors
    sadly i am not.. boo hoo


  3. Elves, if you have not yet burned down the bookstores along with the tree and the menorah, please send a cool lesfic novel my way! Thanks!


  4. Day 3 gotta say this is a great thing!!! I have read many of today’s selections!! They are awesome. There are a few I have not yet read, and look forward to reading them. Good luck and happy holidays to all!


  5. Wow. What fabulous selections! Pick me!
    Thanks to all of the generous authors and publishers – and to Andi!


  6. I would love to win. Mom and I just moved to Mesa, AZ and we used all our money to do the move, so no presents this year… I would love to win so that she would have a gift for me. I gave her presents to her already so that we would have a hamper and curtains for our shower… which have her fav. football team on it. πŸ™‚


  7. Woohoo, thank you Hootenanny Peeps! Congratulations to all past winners, and Thank you to the generous authors and publishers!


  8. Delightful selection! All i want right now is to curl up and read after shoppoig all day with my siblings.


  9. wow, it is weird how exciting it gets…first timer and will be here from now on. Thanks to all of the publishers and authors for the donations and to elves for making the holidays a lot more holiday-ish!


  10. Drop my name in the hat! Ready for the Hooenanny! Thanks for all your hard work on putting this together!


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