DAY 7 of the 12-Day Holiday Hootenanny, 2013!

Hootenanny.Day7WELCOME, friends! So clearly, you made it past the halfway point and you’re continuing on, are you? Well, here we go AGAIN, my friends. Day 7 of the nutso-ness is with us, along with even MORE freaking books to give away so we can share the holiday luuuuuv. This time of year, we know. It can be kind of stressful. Scary. Freaky. And that’s why we here at Women and Words do this event, because we have a lot of fun and we love giving books away.

First, another BIG-ASS SHOUT-OUT to all of the authors and publishers and author-publishers who have enthusiastically tossed their hats in the ring and offered books to YOU, dear readers, for holiday cheer. Why? BECAUSE GIVING IS FUN. It puts the -izzle in shizzle! YES, it’s crazy up in here while we do this. YES it’s a veritable cornucopia of chaos. YES we can get carried away with the eggnog and all-night raves, but SO WHAT? This is the season of LUV.

(Hint: “O Little Town of Bethlehem”)

O, little blog of Women aaaaand Words!
So still we think you lie
but no! your deep and nutty dance
has made the neighbors cry
so we invited them in
and gave them lots of pie
and the piles of books and pizza
is quite a fabu sight…

You ready for another go-’round? To get in on today’s drawings with the following list of books, just leave a comment on this here blog. PLEASE, friends. ONE entry per person. Let’s share the luv, okay? Make sure you include a valid email address in the comment fill-out form (don’t worry, it doesn’t show up publicly and the elves are really good about keeping that stuff secret) but do NOT put your email address in the comment body. We are trying to save you from the spam-bots of Mordor.

We close each drawing at 10 PM EST US (here’s your world clock link for those not in the US). We do the drawing right after we close it, and then we pass the winners’ contact info along to the authors, who will contact you directly. We also post the winners’ names on this blog. So give the author a little bit of lag time to contact you. If you win a publisher’s book, we here at Women and Words contact the winners to get information to submit to the publisher.

Authors, if your book is listed today, please do not join the drawing. That’s, like, way boring to inadvertently win your own book. Thanks.

Okay. Got it? COOL! LET’S GO, and good luck!

RADCLYFFE Sherri Milner

OMG. Gamechanger Radclyffe! Award-winning author of over 40 novels! Publisher at and founder of Bold Strokes Books! WOO HOO! You know her. You’ve read her work. You want to read more of her work. Well, here’s your chance! To list all her work here would take, like, all day. I mean, seriously. So here’s what we’re going to do. CLICK THIS LINK to see what Radclyffe has in store for you! The winner gets a copy of one of her books, in paperback or ebook. Have fun picking! πŸ˜€

LEE LYNCHlaurie salzler

Know your herstory, friends. Trailblazer and award-winning Lee Lynch has been writing and living her truth and recording ours since the days of The Ladder, the first nationally distributed lesbian news magazine, first published in 1956 by the Daughters of Bilitis, the country’s first official lesbian organization. Lee wrote for The Ladder, and continued that journey through her columns and novels. Here, Lee tells the story of a gay bar in 1961, and of the people who lived, laughed, and loved there, even in the face of The Raid from the vice squad. Winner receives one paperback or ebook copy of The Raid.


Herstory, my friends. Katherine V. Forrest is a trailblazer, too. Her classic Curious Wine launched the modern incarnation of lesbian romance. Naiad took a chance and published it in 1983 and the rest is herstory. Katherine is offering a signed print copy of any of her books to a lucky winner. Choose from her standalones or her Kate Delafield mysteries. Click here to see the titles.


Award-winning author and co-owner of Bywater Books, Marianne Martin remembers her initial publication at the fabled Naiad Press, and her first phone conversation with the late, great Barbara Grier. Know your herstory, friends. Marianne has been blazing a trail for us, too. Here, she’s giving away a copy of any one of her books. Will it be her Legacy of Love? Her history-inspired love story Under the Witness Tree? Indelible Heart? Love in the Balance? Or any of the other moving and soul-searching romances that only Marianne can write? Hit this link to pick either a print or ebook.

V.T. DAVYhark1030

What happens if the future queen wishes to marry her female partner? As Queen, she would be the Supreme Governor of the Church of England, living in a way that is in direct contradiction to the tenets of the religion. In this thought-provoking novel, V.T. explores the relationship between the monarchy and the Church, the arguments for and against marriage equality. This book will test the presumptions of anyone on any side of the issues.


Cliffie is offering one ebook copy of Maye’s Request to a lucky winner. Brianna Bell (“Bean”) is fresh out of college and possibly in love, but she’s pretty sure she’ll never have a good relationship because of her crazy family. Mom, Dad, and Mom’s lover (who happens to be her dad’s twin sister). The twins don’t get along, but when Bean’s mom, Maye, is diagnosed with a potentially fatal illness, she begs Bean to help heal the rift between the two. Reluctantly, she agrees, but the more she finds out about her parents, the more she realizes she really didn’t know.


A vague rumor at an elementary school starts a witch hunt for a slightly effeminate male teacher at the hands of angry parents who demand his removal. Victoria saw what happened to him, and she vowed never to reveal her personal life to any of her colleagues. Until a first-year teacher arrives. She’s adorable. And so not Victoria’s type. Or is she? And then a parent targets the first-year teacher, and Victoria has to decide what choice she’ll make. This is Jennifer’s debut novel, and she’s offering print or ebook.

BEV PRESCOTTJen Marie @ A Lesbian Reads

Bev’s offering a paperback copy of Step Into the Wind to a lucky winner. Here, Alex Marcotte turned to running after her twin brother’s suicide at the age of fifteen because of anti-gay bullying. Years later, she agrees to return to Maine for a summer, where her father is struggling to keep the camp open her family runs while her mother is dying. But she has a hard time leaving when she realizes she’s fallen in love with Zoe Kimball, a wildlife biologist who is studying a breeding pair of eagles who reside on an island that is part of the camp. Can she take the next step? Can she overcome her past? Win and find out!

Q. KELLYkat wardyla

Q. Kelly is giving away winner’s choice, ebook, of one of her myriad novels or novellas. So will it be something from the award-winning Strange Bedfellows series? Or perhaps Third, her Tudor time-travel Lambda finalist? Maybe Switch, about two women who meet after they find out they were switched at birth? Or her novellas? You can find a list and description of all her work HERE.


Chloe Donavon is a firefighter/paramedic who realizes she’s attracted to Caitlin, a dispatcher, with whom she’s been friends for years. Their relationship could create problems among the crew and staff. How can they negotiate all of this? Lights and Sirens is a snapshot of the lives and loves of people involved in emergency response.


Winner’s choice, one print or ebook. Hit the link to check the catalog.

Winner’s choice, one ebook. Hit the link to check the catalog.

Winner’s choice, one print or ebook! Hit the link to see the goods!

Winner’s choice, one print or ebook! Click the link to see the goodies.

Winner’s choice, one ebook. Check out the link for the goodies.

Winner’s choice, one ebook! Hit the link to check out the fun.


  1. This reminds me of college when the same party just kept going. We called it “A Roll”. A two day roll, four day roll… I don’t think we ever got this far. And I know I never got a book out of it!! Thanks to all!


  2. Ok so maybe yesterday wasn’t my day for the megamillions or the hootenanny. Hopefully I have a little more luck today. Good luck everybody.


  3. Continuing with the tune of today’s carol, from your nutty Canadian connection:):

    Oh, gallant band of writers, all!
    And organizers, too…
    Please do accept my gratitude
    For everything that you do

    I so appreciaaaate it
    Your generosityyyyy
    Today I’m looking forward to
    Another book for me…

    [ducking and covering]


  4. Amazing Herstory list of authors! Love looking back and seeing how far we have come. We are all a part of that. Everytime we support these authors and publishers we play a part in moving our story forward too!


  5. You guys are soooo much better than the energizer bunny. You keep giving and giving and giving! Thanks again to everyone involved!!


  6. This Hootenanny appeals to me more than Ellen’s 12 Days of Christmas. It’s so much more….intellectual? Well, not sure that applies to me because I really like the romance stuff. However, any of these books would be fantastically entertaining. Happy day all!


  7. I would love a copy of High Desert if my name were picked πŸ™‚
    Author: Katherine V. Forrest
    Genre: Mystery
    Pub Date: December 2013
    Publisher: Spinsters Ink


  8. Maybe day 7 will be my lucky/blessed day! One Question, though… and maybe Claudia Wilde will need to be the one to answer it… but when one wins a BeDazzled Ink Book or e-book, can one choose from titles that won’t be released until 2014?


    • You guys, to keep it easy on the publishers, please confine your choice to books that are already available. They’ve got tons of stuff they’re trying to take care of on their end, and choosing books not published adds another layer of hectic to their already full plates. The merry elves are behind me on this. Keep it as simple as possible for the fabulous publishers involved in the Hootenanny. πŸ™‚


  9. Still hoping to win a book for my Mom. She deserves it! You have given me lots of great book ideas for her. I’ve written them all down.


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