DAY 8 of the 12-Day Holiday Hootenanny, 2013!


Hmm. I see we had a bit of a party last night. I know this because there are several unknown elves crashed out in the living room under the coffee table. I don’t really want to think about how the Christmas tree got on the roof. But I will say that it looks nice. I’ll have to have Rudolph fly up there and take care of that later.

(hint: “Up on the Rooftop”)

There’s a tree on the rooftop, what the hell?
How did it get there? Must’ve been an elf!
We’ll need a reindeer to get it down
Par for the course
with the elves in town

Oh hell no
don’t you go
Oh hell no
don’t you go
up on the rooftop
don’t you slip
you’ll fall down the chimney
with ol’ saint nick

Heh. The elves like this one. They’re gettin’ jiggy with it.

So how are YOU, dear readers? It’s only Day 8! We have four more to go after this! We don’t stop until the last book is gifted! Until all the tinsel is removed from the neighbor’s chimney! Until the last elf leaves the mosh pit! My friends, THIS HERE IS THE HOOTENANNY! Thank you to the authors and publishing houses that have been so generous this holiday season, and thanks to you, the readers, who have shown us luv and support over the years.

Okay, so here’s your reminder. Each day is a new drawing, and we give the books away in the order in which they’re listed. So the first winner drawn wins the first book on the list, the second wins the second, and so on. To enter today’s drawing, post a comment on this day’s blog. Make sure you include your valid email address in the comment fill-out form (SWEAR nobody sees it except the elves in the back!) and do NOT put it in the comment body. We here at Women and Words are trying to save you from the dreaded spam-bots that crawl around on the interwebz looking for unsuspecting email addresses to mess with. And please, share the luv. One entry per person. Thanks.

We close the drawing at 10 PM EST US (here’s your world clock to help you figure out what time that is if you’re not in the US). We do the drawing right after we close it, and then we pass the winners’ contact info along to the authors, who will contact you directly. We also post the winners’ names on this blog. So give the author a little bit of lag time to contact you. If you win a publisher’s book, we here at Women and Words contact the winners to get information to submit to the publisher.

Authors: if your book is up for a drawing today, please don’t enter the drawing. Cuz that would be kinda lame if you won your own book. I mean, you’ve read it already. ๐Ÿ™‚

Got it? Okay!

Here’s your list. Check it twice. There might just be something naughty and nice.


Georgia’s latest will be ready just in time for one lucky winner to choose either print or ebook. Mackenzie Campbell is bright, attractive, and about to marry her her girlfriend in a Christmas wedding she’s been planning for month. Too bad the girlfriend bails two weeks before the nuptials. So Mackenzie grabs her best friend and goes on the honeymoon anyway at an LGBT resort in Florida. Where, of course, anything could happen. Win it and find out!


Winner gets a print copy of KG’s latest! Johnelle Morrissey has everything. Successful career, great house, great husband, and son. Until the day a plane crash leaves Johnelle with only vague memories of her life. Johnelle’s best friend Alice teams with the family to help her recover, spending hours with her telling her about the events that shaped their friendship. Except for the fact that Alice has been in love with Johnelle for years. As Johnelle recovers, her family expects life to go on the way it was, but Johnelle has a love that’s been awakened, and it’s not for her husband. Win this and find out what happens!


Winner chooses a signed paperback copy of either Andrea’s latest romance Clean Slate or Ladyfish. In Clean Slate, two women endure separate tragedies and must learn whether or not to take a chance on love again. In Ladyfish, freewheeling dive instructor Olivia has a knack for getting women into bed. Meanwhile, Daniela heads to the Florida Keys to train as a dive instructor, trying to escape her overbearing father. What she finds isn’t what she intended.

R.G. EMANUELLESherry Mills

R.G.’s romance novella stars Giovanna “Jo” Rossini, who’s trying to make ends meet and figure out what she’s doing with her life after a break-up a couple of years ago and the closing of her cafรฉ. Then, in a Moroccan cooking class, two students show an interest in her beyond just cooking and Jo is suddenly confronted with choices she didn’t think she’d have. Includes awesome recipes in the back. Winner gets a copy of this ebook!

RENEE BESS Linda North

Corey Lomax is a professor of English dealing with the aftermath of a failed relationship. Kinshasa Jordan is a writer and teacher on leave from her high-school position who takes a residency at Corey’s college and is working to escape the remnants of an abusive relationship. The two meet as colleagues, writers, and women of color in white male-dominated academia. Corey’s out; Kinshasa remains enigmatic. Both want to avoid romantic entanglements, but against a backdrop of secrets, betrayal, and a murder, the attraction between them grows. Wanna know what happens? One winner will get a print copy and find out.


Carrie’s offering an ebook copy of her romance starring Gibson Proctor, a National Parks officer who returns to her home town, Benton, Texas. She’s settling in until she unwittingly offends the fiery Delaney Kavanaugh, the architect who’s in charge of repairing the spillway at Lake Benton. But Delaney finds she’s drawn to Gib, though Delaney’s already in a relationship that isn’t the best. Will she follow her heart? Or stay in a situation that leaves her struggling? Win and see!

LINDA KAY SILVADolores Martรญn

Win one ebook copy of Linda Kay’s Lucky, about artist Parker Lee who hopes to get her mojo back when she purchases a Harley she names Lucky. Things get a little crazy when her granddaughter needs her help and her ex shows up. And then there’s the sexy neighbor and a trip to Lake Tahoe. You’ll join Parker on her ride if you win!


Winner gets an ebook copy of A.C. Henley and Erica Lawson’s Miss-Match, in which Clancy Fitzgerald is 29, single, and a virgin. But Minerva wants to hook her up with someone…a woman. And that woman goes on a blind date with Clancy as a favor to Minerva. Find out what happens if you win!

CHEYNE CURRY Angela Pavlica

Cheyne’s got a SPECIAL treat for one winner. A hardbound collector’s edition of Clandestine! Ex-CIA operative Tia Ramone seeks comfort in a bottle these days. Heiress Jody Montgomery spends her time engaged in charity work. But her husband Anthony is not who he seems, and when Jody’s father threatens Anthony’s illicit business, he takes drastic measures to protect it, and in this game of cat-and-mouse, Tia and Jody are brought together but a clandestine meeting between them may change everything.


You may know Meghan for her steamy erotica and romance. Or perhaps her science fiction. Or maybe her paranormal work. Whatever your own tastes, this versatile author is offering up a winner’s ebook or print (Note: print may have a slight delay because Meghan needs to order it from the publisher) choice of any one of her titles. Will it be Battle Scars, about a returning Iraq war veteran who just wants solitude and can only be healed by love? Or perhaps Wild, about shapeshifter Selene who has to regimen her life to keep others safe. Until she comes to the aid of a woman being attacked by something scarier than Selene. Or her steamy The Night Off, in which a woman bound by control decides to lose it with an escort who is very good at her job but avoids emotional entanglements. Until their night of intense play. Make your choice HERE.

CLEIS BOOKSDenise / Nicky B. / suz r
CLEIS is offering 1 print copy of each of the following books (3 books, 3 different winners):
Wild Girls, Wild Nights: True Lesbian Sex Stories (ed. Sacchi Green)
Best Lesbian Erotica 2014 (hot off the press [and we mean HAWT] this month!), ed. Kathleen Warnock
Love Burns Bright: A Lifetime of Lesbian Romance (ed. Radclyffe) [HAWT off the press THIS MONTH]


Winner’s choice, one print or ebook. Hit the link to check the catalog.

Winner’s choice, one ebook. Hit the link to check the catalog.

Winner’s choice, one print or ebook! Hit the link to see the goods!

BYWATER BOOKS – tonie mclachlan
Winner’s choice, one print or ebook! Click the link to see the goodies.

Winner’s choice, one ebook. Check out the link for the goodies.

Winner’s choice, one ebook! Hit the link to check out the fun.


  1. Love discovering all these new books/authors!!! Thank you so much for this….it’s making my holiday brighter.


  2. Wow! Won yesterday a new author to me, so I am going to try again today. Can never have too much great reading material. THANKS!!!!!


  3. WOO HOO. I really want this day. But then again I wanted other days too. Oh well here is to lady luck.


  4. Woo Hoo! This is like the Ellen Show 12 day giveaway without the watches, or the trips, just fabulous authors sharing some of their great books!


  5. I have missed the last couple of days so I am back! win, win, win, I am chanting until 10pm….today is last day of finals and so I will have one glorious month to READ!!! yippee!


  6. He-he “Heh. The elves like this one. Theyโ€™re gettinโ€™ jiggy with it…” LOLOLOL – have I told you lately how much I adore you! ha-ha! I LOVE getting jiggy with things ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. The list seems to keep getting better…what a great selection for today’s lucky winner. (pick me! pick me!)


  8. ahh, heck. I am diving in. My wife says I have enough to get me through the apocalypse. My theory is that the zombies will not be going into Barnes or Powells City of Books so book geeks can ride it out. Good luck everyone!


  9. I’ve got plenty going on now, but after Christmas I plan on settling in the rest of winter for a napping and reading marathon.


  10. ANDI and JOVE: Ya’ll need to be ‘ gettinโ€™ jiggy with it’ and pick my name tonight! Hootenanny rocks!


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