2013 The Bonus Year.

So, we’ve closed out 2013 – the year that wasn’t supposed to be – according to the 2012 End of the World theorists.

If you read or follow me at all, you know I’m all about leaving it all on the table. I am not going to lie to you – I had doubts, people. I had doubts.

end-of-the-world-editI am a master weaver, a seeker of knowledge and truth. I will take one thread in a tapestry and pull it, unraveling it from the whole until I find the other end. The problem with that is this: What if the thread that I followed was a mistake, a flaw in the original pattern?

What if everything that I’ve learned was a lie? I usually trust my instincts, and there are a thousand theories out there that are unmistakably flawed in major ways, those are easily dismissed. I’m not talking about those. There are some theories (please don’t get me started) that I do believe have kernels of truth. Those are the ones that I hunt down, usually just creating more questions, which starts me on another quest.

I can also be very gullible. There, I said it. If someone out there possessing evidence of intelligence, has a theory, and can write something that sounds plausible to me, I’m going to pull that thread. I can’t help it, it appears to be an inherent trait in my DNA.

If you’re looking for something on the internet these days – anything – you can find a plethora of information. Whether it’s true or not, is up to your own beliefs. I combed the sites, watched you-tube until I was blue in the face, and finally had to rip my bloody fingers off the keyboard and crawl away from the computer. I had to for my own sanity and my long suffering wife’s peace of mind. There may have been begging involved on her side, but she’ll most likely not admit it 🙂

So, while logically I (mostly) knew that the world was going to keep turning, in the back of my mind, I held an idea there might be the tiniest possibility that it was game over. While we all know that didn’t happen, what if…

…In an alternate reality – the end of the world did come? What if we just changed the channel or hit the reset button on some cosmic video game controller? What if it were like that episode of Lost where time split and in one reality the plane never crashed? What if…

I’m just kidding. But this is a clear example of how my mind works 🙂

All. The. Time.

Exhausting, but entertaining.

Anyway, in my usual ADD fashion, I’ve brought us to a point where I can list some major things which happened in my life in 2013.

In the very first week of the year that wasn’t supposed to be, my second book, The Awakening: Book One in the Sisters of Spirits trilogy hit the shelves and rang in my new year with five star reviews. Are you kidding me? I was still in shock that my first book, Sometime Yesterday had even been published and was gathering attention in the awards circuit. (Placing a tied 3rd place in the Rainbow Awards, a finalist spot in the Lambda Literary Awards, and eventually went on to win The Golden Crown Literary Award for best paranormal romance.)

A humbling chain of events for which I am eternally grateful for that happened in the year I wasn’t (completely) expecting.

January is also my anniversary month for Women & Words. It was just under a year ago, that Jove Belle invited me to write a guest spot which turned into a regular gig after she and Andi Marquette decided I was interesting (ha-ha) and I would (or might) make a good addition to the regular contributor team. Or so I’m told. Jove may have lost a bet or something.

If you’d like to read that very first blog, Growing Up Empath, – It’s right HERE.

Anyone that is an Empath or has any kind of agoraphobic tendencies, will tell you – the internet IS our connection to the world. I don’t get out and socialize much or have friends that come over. Nor do I go to other people’s houses. I would much rather type than talk on the phone, but I do own one that rings maybe twice a week!

Sandy and I have completely different schedules and I’ve made a tremendous friend in Jove Belle this last year, both professionally and personally. There are weeks around here that I “talk” with her more than my wife. Really.

Andi Marquette has saved my sanity more than… okay, after ten times I lost count. Thank you.

I did my first author panel in Austin last year at the Lone Star LesFic Festival where several authors learned that my shyness was not an act. The first thing that comes to mind from that experience was how excited Sandy was when she yelled “FEEL THE ESTROGEN!” in the truck before we went into to dinner to meet my boss, Radclyffe, and several other amazing authors and editors from Bold Strokes Books.

If you’d like to read more about my take on the festival it’s right HERE.

Carsen Taite did my very first author interview vlog in Austin as well. Even more nerve-wracking than doing the interview – was watching it. I immediately told myself that I was never going to wear that shirt in public again. Seriously, it’s weird to watch myself! I had to completely disconnect and view as if I didn’t know me. And that last sentence made perfect sense in my head 🙂

Here is the link to the vlog: She’s got Spirit

I also did a great radio interview with Liz McMullen – on her show and had a blast. I sound exactly like my mother, my two sisters, and both my daughters – one of which is no longer with me. Now that was surreal. If you’d like to listen to that – here is the link to Episode 37.

I’ve “met” readers from all 50 states and several different countries. I can’t tell you enough – how much your words mean to me and how grateful I am that you take the time to let me know that my words touched you somehow, or entertained you. I love writing, and when I receive your notes and letters, it makes all the hair ripping, soul searching, late nights, and coffee overdoses – worth every second of it. Thank you. I still jump up and down and run around the house with my dogs after reading each one! I appreciate you.

I received an outpouring of love from the entire world when my autistic niece, Mikaela, went missing in Clearlake last year. I met wonderful people (both during the ordeal and following the tragic outcome) that I still keep in contact with today. I honestly don’t know how I would have made it through without support during that time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for every message, tweet, and re-posts of her pictures and fliers.

During 2013, I also wrote my third book, The Quickening: Book Two in the Sisters of Spirits Trilogy which just hit the shelves. Which is a miracle in and of itself really after Mikaela’s death. Victoria Oldham, thank you for pulling me through in your gracious manner.

In addition, I completed the NanoWriMo.

If I’ve forgotten anyone, I apologize. I’m still battling the flu that came with me (from the year that wasn’t supposed to be) into the new year.


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I can’t get that line out of my head.


  1. You forgot one thing though. You and your wonderful author friends really, really, brightened the holidays for one poor sap. Things really brightened for me more than I can express here when the W&W elves delivered here.



  2. I love your books. Thanks so much for being both entertaining and thought provoking. Have a great year!


  3. Its another hit by Yvonne Heidt…. So proud of you my dear….. Honored to be your wife and soulmate…love you


  4. yvonne, sometimes I think I let the laptop dominate too much time.. facebook, emails, u-tube (but they d make me laugh -or cry).. but you have put your finger on it – it gives up world wide friends, and access to people we would never otherwise come across… wonderful
    get well soon…..


  5. Congratulations on all you’ve accomplished! I’ve read all three of your books, and each one was amazing.

    I just finished The Quickening. Almost a one sitting read, interrupted only by the need to eat. I have to admit at the last page I went into full panic. “No, no, no! More..it can’t stop now!”

    I absolutely cannot wait for book three!


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