Erotica Because it’s Fun. Why Else? And a Free Book. Because that’s Fun, Too!

BSB-UncommonRomanceCongratulations to parrothed! She just won a copy of Uncommon Romance by Jove Belle!

Hey! Guess what! January is here and that means that my new release, Uncommon Romance, is officially available from Bold Strokes Books. Check out that super sexy cover over there on the right.

Uncommon Romance is a bit different than anything else I’ve written. Instead of a novel, it’s a collection of three erotic novellas. In other words, sexy good times is really the only point.

We’re doing a split release again, ebook available in January, paperback in April. I did this with Love and Devotion and I’m a fan of the process.

As you can imagine, writing an erotica colloeciton was a lot of fun and I’m betting you’ll have fun reading it.

Here’s the blurb, in case you’re interested:

Happily ever after doesn’t look the same for every couple.
In Raw Silk, happily married June and Ashlyn Phillips occasionally enjoy adding another dynamic to their sex life. When Katerina “Kat” VanderVort enters June’s office one day, she sets her sights on June. Lucky for her, Ashlyn loves to indulge her wife’s fantasies.

In On Her Knees, Simone Davies is finally happy. That is, until her chief tormentor and biggest crush, Abby Nelson, shows up at her firm’s holiday party. Together they struggle to forget the past and build a future together.

In Hollis, homicide detective Jude Lassiter pushes a little too hard, and her instructor at a FBI anti-terrorism training session, Special Agent Beverly Hollis, knows exactly how to punish her. Jude is all too willing to submit.

Like I said in the title, I’m giving away a copy (ebook) here at Women and Words! All you have to do is leave a comment in the space below. I’ll draw a winner this Friday. Good luck!

Oh, and if you want it, you can find more about me at my website HERE. Or be my friend on facebook HERE. Or buy my book HERE.


  1. Can never resist a free book… and to say that isn’t it amazing a) how fertile our imaginations can be writing erotic prose and b) how the recipient always is very chirpy…..


  2. Can’t wait to read Uncommon Romance. I’ve read all of your books and enjoyed everyone. Split the Aces is my favorite.


    • Thanks, Nancy! I love Split the Aces, too. Did you know that I plotted that entire book while attending a conference in Vegas? The room was overly hot and stuffy, and the speaker was…not captivating. I plotted as a means of self preservation.


  3. Raw Silk sounds awesome. I love your previous books and I’m really looking forward to some sexy hot goodness XD


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