Feast or Famine

Happy Tuesday everyone!

The kids are at school, my wife is at work, and I’m all alone in the house. No, it’s really not a safe thing to have happen. Rather than running amok, which, really, no one is going to do better than Kathy Najimi in Hocus Pocus anyway, I’m working in my office like a good little writer.

Here’s the danger of being a writer, at least for me. I’m horribly lazy. And I have a job that encourages me to sit in a chair for hours on end. Yeah. Not a great combination.

The chair time is FINE if I’m actually writing, but that’s not always the case. For me, creative inspiration comes in stops and starts. I either have NO idea what to write, so I spend my time trolling facebook, watching YouTube videos, and randomly being outraged by stupid things on the internet. OR I have fifteen hundred stories all slamming at me at one time. And my job is to try to sort out the threads and put it all in some discernible order.

Earlier this week (or maybe it was last week… not the point), I emailed Andi and said, “I have this idea for a book…” And she said, because she’s fabulously supportive, “Sounds awesome! Write it!”

And then I emailed her back and said, “But I also have this idea…” And she said, “That’s awesome, too! Write them both!”

And then, rather than starting either book, my brain ran off in a completely different direction and I messaged Yvonne, “I’m thinking about writing a book about…” And she said, “That’s perfect! Write it!”

And then, rather than starting any of those books, I thought about a conversation I had with Ashley forever ago about another book (actually a series of three books). It’s a story line I’ve been tossing around, but I couldn’t get the pieces to gel. This morning, as I drove the kids to school, the answer hit me. I literally had to pull over and send her a text. After a brief text conversation, I said, “Fuck this. I’m going to send you an email when I get to an actual keyboard I can type on.” And then Ashley called me normal and old (both, I’m sure, were insults), but I knew what she was really trying to say (since she’d been saying it for months) was “Write it!”

So, my goal for this year was to write two books. And now I have six that just have to be written RIGHT NOW.

To the writers in the audience, does this happen to y’all? Or am I the only schmuck who has no flow regulator on my creative ju-ju?

And, on a completely unrelated note, I wanted to share these things with you:

D Jordan Redhawk, who is a total badass for sure, wrote this blog about her goals for the upcoming year. Go read it.

My buddy Yvonne Heidt is giving away a copy of The Quickening (which rocks, by the way). Totally go enter that.

Author Heather Blackmore is dropping by the Virtual Living Room this Saturday, 1/18, to discuss her latest release, Like Jazz. Yeah, you should totally jump in on that conversation.

There’s a rumor floating around (or maybe I’m starting one now) that the fabulous Roselle Graskey is FINALLY working on a new book. How can you support this amazing news? You can cheer her on, of course! I think she should install one of those word count meters onto her website or facebook or something, and we can all count down like it’s New Years Eve.

Lastly, my newest release, Uncommon Romance, has gotten a couple of really nice early reviews. Here’s one. And here’s another.



    • Amazing that Portland can handle this much badass in one town. Maybe the only reason it works is because I’m across the bridge. Close enough to count in the census, but far enough away to have a completely different tax code.


  1. I know exactly what you’re talking about, Jove. That’s the way I am, too. I’m so easily distracted, even while I have 10 different ideas going through my head.

    As of right now, I have two novels in the works and am planning a third. I worked on novel #1 for a while, then started researching for novel #2. Then I got the idea for novel #3 and started writing that. So, #3 is now #1, #1 is #2, and #2 is #3.

    That doesn’t count any short stories. Ugh.


  2. Once I start writing, that’s me, I’m in the zone…. but I seem to have so many other things that I want to do… or need to do…. think I ought to identify times when I could get a wee routine going… like dump TV an dwork in the evenings… but that would mean not watching Sue Perkins in 10 minutes on the bake off….
    see what I mean….


    • We don’t have cable, only Netflix. You’d think that would help with the addiction that is TV. And it does. Until they release a new season of some show that I like. Then I marathon watch episode after episode, plowing through them like they’re crack. Or sugar.


  3. Jove, I just spent the afternoon finishing Uncommon Romance and loved the stories. Very hot indeed.
    I was going to say ‘I hope you get your shyte together soon and write another book’ but then I realised how rude that sounded. So whichever story you decide to expand into a book – good luck.
    As a reader I have never faced your predicament but I do experience angst once I have finished one book and have to decide what to read next. My gut churns and my hands sweat until I have decided what to read next. It isn’t until I am a few chapters in that this feeling goes away.
    Good luck with whatever you decide to do.


    • Devlyn, thanks for reading Uncommon Romance. It was such a departure from what I normally do, so it makes me happy to hear that people are enjoying it.

      As for what comes next, I’m actually in the middle of edits for my next release! It’s called The Job. Details here: http://jovebelle.com/2013/08/27/the-job-november-2014/

      And I’ll figure out the next book. This month I’m working on several short stories, just letting myself write for fun. Next month I’ll start on the next novel. 🙂


      • Jove, The Job sounds like another winner, bring on November. You seem to have knack for writing both good short stories and novel length stories. Obviously both take special and talented skills so congratulations.
        Take your time with working out your next project, many of us have the utmost of faith in your ability.


  4. Wow! You just pretty much described my day. Feast or famine is exactly how my working week feels. I also find it hard to leave certain characters behind. Even when I’m away from my desk, they’re still arguing in my head.


    • Yes! I had a moment driving earlier where I ALMOST pulled over because I finally knew what to write for this damn story that I’ve been struggling with for a week. And then I realized I didn’t have anything to write on anyway, so I kept driving. But the thought was just so startling. It was awesome. I love when that happens.


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