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Hi, peeps–

Andi stepping in because R.G. is working out of a secret bunker today. So secret that we don’t know where it is, but she assures us all is well and as soon as she’s done with her lab experiments, she’ll be back. In the meantime, you can find her latest novella, Add Spice to Taste, on Amazon. Romance, food, and recipes in the back. You cannot go wrong with that. 🙂 Pop by her website, at the link above, and say HOWDY!
Add Spice to Taste Cover

Anyway, here’s some stuff you might be interested in.

This Saturday (January 18!) at Virtual Livingroom there’s a bookchat with author Heather Blackmore, who will be discussing her book Jazz. Sounds groovy. You should check it out.

Also, did you get your nominations in for the Golden Crown Literary Society Awards? The Goldies, people! Nominations close Saturday, January 18. Here’s the scoop on deadlines. And here’s other Goldie info.

Speaking of the GCLS, the conference is this July in Portland, Oregon! WOOO! Start making plans now. Here’s the info.

Romance author Georgia Beers was recently interviewed by fellow writer Jae. Catch that here. And if you haven’t seen it yet, here’s Georgia’s take on life as a romance writer.

Women and Words’ own Jove Belle’s Uncommon Romance (3 erotic novellas) is on Kindle now. Git yew sum.

Check out the cover for Jove’s forthcoming novel. SERIOUS awesome. Here:

And for the spec fic/post-apocalyptic fiction lovers among us, consider supporting this project on Indiegogo. It’s called “Panther in the Hive” by amazeballs author and activist Olivia Cole and is a novel of “women, conspiracy, and ass-kicking.” One woman’s journey through a cybertronic apocalypse. Check it out. And for realz. Read the excerpt. It’ll hook you.

And TOMORROW, people, I’ll be posting an interview with Jennifer DiMarco of the Chris Anne Wolfe Campaign. She was a friend to and publisher of Chris Anne Wolfe, beloved lesbian spec fic writer who died of cancer in 1997 but who also left a wealth of work behind and wanted to make sure that it got published at some point. That’s what Jennifer DiMarco and her band of cohorts are doing with the project. Stop by Women and Words tomorrow to find out more about that, and how you can help.

Also, I just posted a brand new longish short story on my website. FOR FREE. REALLY. It’s called “Gamble”, and here’s what it’s about:

Sarah’s having a hard time emotionally and physically almost two years after an accident changed her life. Finally, one of her friends convinces her to go out to a club. Sarah’s reluctant, but she knows she needs to start doing things like that to help move on. Besides, her friend suggests, you never know what could happen…

Click here to check out the .pdf.

All rightie, all. And if you know of an event coming up that you’d think we’d be interested in, drop us a line at our “Contact” page (link above).

Happy Thursday!



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