Coming Attractions, February 2014

STOP IT. FEBRUARY? Already? Did you get hold of some of the Colorado wacky weed? Oh, wait. It really is going to be February.

Which means VALENTINE’S DAY! How about some books for your sweetie? Or just for you? Mmm hmm. That’s what I thought. Below you will see a list of books that are due out in February. Doesn’t that sound like a box of awesome? (And books last way longer than boxes of chocolate…just sayin’.)

And a reminder. Once this blog has come and gone, you can still check our “New Releases and Coming Up” page. We keep that updated.

Anyway. People, we are not the great and powerful Oz. We miss some books and listings. So if you are an author or publisher and you’ve got something coming up, drop us a line so we can add you either to these blogs or our static page. Just hit us up at our Contact page. Easy-peasy!

So here we go. Things to look forward to in February.

Gaelle Cathy, Fire and ice (info available Feb. 1)
Alane Hotchkin, My Everything (Book 2 in the Blackhawk series; info available Feb. 1)

Nene Adams, The Consequence of Murder
Diana Tremain Braund, Bold Coast Love
Nat Burns, Family Issue
RJ Layer, The Real Story
D. Jordan Redhawk, Lichii Ba’Cho

Valerie Bronwen, Slash and Burn
Gun Brooke, The Blush Factor
Cari Hunter, Tumbledown
Karis Walsh, Wingspan

AJ Adaire, Anything Your Heart Desires (more info as it become available)

Jett Abbott, Scarlet Assassin (more info to come)
Lynette Mae, Rebound
Linda Kay Silva, Mob Rule (more info to come, click link for teaser)

Spread the Love (romantic anthology with authors Fletcher Delancey, Lois Cloarec Hart, Erzabet Bishop, J.L. Merrow, Sandra Barret, T.M. Croke, and Alisha Kelly)
Jae, Lessons in Love and Life (short story)

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