Hot off the Press, January 2014

Gracious me, friends. A whole new year is upon us! And with that comes MOAR BOOKZ! WOOOO!

So below, you’ll find a list of new releases in lesbian (and feminist) fiction for January. We also keep this information on our page above, called, strangely, “New Releases and Coming Up.” Heh.

Now, because we here at Women and Words are not hydras, with a jillion different heads and a zillion eyeballs with which to see all the new releases out there and we are not the Hindu goddess Durga, with a whole bunch of arms with which to Google things on a bunch of laptops, we don’t catch all said releases. Especially in the indie circles. So if you’d like to get on these lists, drop us a line (at the cryptically named “Contact” page, above) to let us know. We’ll either add you to the “New Releases and Coming Up” page or, if your release is still a month or so down the line, we’ll put you in the next “Coming Attractions” blog post and then add you to the static page. Publishers, this goes for you, as well. Drop us a line.

All rightie! Let’s now see what sorts of goodies are out there, shall we?

JD Glass, Punk and Zen, Pt. 1: The ReMix (Extended DJ Cut)
Erin O’Reilly, Sandcastles (When Hell Meets Heaven)
Ali Spooner, Bailey’s Run

Heather Rose Jones, Daughter of Mystery
Alex Marcoux, A Matter of Degrees (orig. pub. by Harcourt)
Robby McCoy, The Farmer’s Daughter
Shari McNally, The Story Thief (YA)

Julie Cannon, Smoke and Fire
Cate Culpepper, Windigo Thrall
Yvonne Heidt, Quickening (book 2 of the Sisters of Spirit trilogy) <–Women and Words’ own Yvonne!
DL Line, Paradox
Jaime Maddox, Agnes
Jove Belle, Uncommon Romance

AJ Adaire, Awaiting My Assignment

Brenda Adcock, The Game of Denial

Jae, Hidden Truths

Elle Anor, Ylva the She Wolf
KC Blake, The Messenger (novella)
Zelma Blitzreiter, The Heart Hunter
Diane Marina, Imperial Hotel (short story)
T.B. Markinson, A Woman Lost
Jade Winters, A Walk into Darkness


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