It’s My Turn

It’s Tuesday, so that means it’s my turn to blog. I had a vague idea of what I’d blog about this morning and every intention of following through. Then I got onto facebook. Normally facebook is a happy place for me. I get to see my friends, read some funny quotes, and maybe watch a video with cats in it.

Today, however, I clicked on THIS LINK that took me to Anderson Cooper’s interview with a state senator from Arizona.

I live in a narrow little pocket of niceness, where I simply refuse to believe people are so naive and afraid that they would put their boot on someone else’s neck. But sometimes I’m forced to venture into reality. Here in the real world, basic human rights aren’t enough to compel some lawmakers to do the right thing. It takes money. Lots of it. Check out this interview with AZ governor, Jan Brewer.

1779840_882719645090823_1901323619_nThe idea of religious exemption is not new to this country. It’s been the dragging force slowing every step forward in human rights. It makes me sad when folks continue to get behind it. It’s as if they haven’t bothered to look back at other major movements long enough to realize that they are planting themselves on the wrong side of history. Why would anyone do that? Here’s an article about the constitutionality of religious exemption, specific to AZ.

Here’s another one about how that same argument is being used as a weapon against women’s reproductive rights.

So, after thinking about all that this morning, my intention to blog just went to hell. I’m sad and I’d like to return to my happy little bubble where we all just play nice.

With that in mind, here’s an awesome flow chart about story development.

Here’s a funny picture with puppies:


Here’s a link to a new vegetarian cookbook, because, really, food can fix anything. You can enter a contest to win a free copy. Details HERE.

Here’s an article about a math teacher who volunteers his time three days a week to hold sick babies at the local hospital.

Here’s a video of an awesome song by Avicii:

And here’s a link to the blog I wrote yesterday before my head got all fubar.

Now I’m going to unplug and go spend some time with my wife.


    • I grew up in Idaho, so I know what it means to live in a conservative state. It’s hard to love a place and still feel marginalized by the politics. For what it’s worth, I don’t think Arizona, or the people living there, are inherently terrible. This is something that we will get through. It just might be a little sticky getting there.

      Thanks for stopping by, azwomon. I’m totally rooting for you and your state.


  1. I unplugged yesterday as well. And being that great minds think alike – I was also going to blog about my narrow little happy place….. Thanks (she says sarcastically) – I’m glad I read yours first! Now I have to think of something else! LOL ❤


  2. No idea how I missed this succinctly awesome post. I know it makes people uncomfortable when the topics of politics or religion come up–let alone in combination. But we must start opening our eyes and truly seeing what is being done (again) in the name of “religion” if we ever hope to expand your little pocket of niceness. Thanks for reminding us there’s still possibility.


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