Happy Sunshiny Faces

It’s Monday!
The point at which I should have a complete blog for you to read.

How about some awesome flowers instead?
sunshine and flowers


If you are of the “I have to go to work” clan… Here’s another.

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Okay, I’ve covered both tribes.

Being as I just read Jove’s blog she posted on Tuesday– and it pretty much covered what I was going to blog about today – I’ll let you read about her “narrow little pocket of niceness.” I call it my “happy bubble.”

Every Empath needs a happy bubble. It’s required if I’m going to make it through a day full of (justifiably) negative posts and news reports. I have to put myself in one. Or end up in a straight jacket.

bubble green

It was years before I learned I was an Empath AND I could learn how to control it. Imagine feeling responsible for world hunger! I mean really – really responsible, as if it were my fault. The guilt I carry for the discrimination I have NEVER been a part of. It can be crippling for me to open that up and feel it.

So, if I’m not jumping on a post – it means I can’t, it means I choose to stay emotionally healthy that day. It means I have to reword the whole idea in my head – so I’m not “fighting against” something (which only brings it closer.) I have to put myself on the “good” side, which isn’t always easy believe me!

So – it means I have to be FOR love. FOR peace – and align myself with the positive. Or I can’t get out of bed 🙂

It DOESN’T mean that I don’t respect and totally appreciate those who CAN be heard! The many voices before mine that initiated change and made a difference by being warriors for their causes.

I’m quiet and introspective. I add exclamation points to most everything I post! 🙂

Because I live in my bubble.

My safe and comfortable, bubble.



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