Just Hear Those Sleigh Bells

Wait, is it Christmas again? From the looks outside, you’d think it is. It’s halfway through March already and we’re still looking at snow. Ugh.

Well, never mind that. I have some exciting news. I’ve partnered up with Ylva Publishing to work on a new anthology. The theme is Christmas, and I’m inviting you all to submit something. The anthology is going to be a collection of all different types of stories: sweet, romantic, erotic, humorous…

I am going to be co-editor on the project and I think it’s going to be an interesting journey reading the different stories we get. Christmas elicits so many emotions, good and bad, and I get the feeling that the stories are going to run the gamut. And that’s what I’m hoping for—a variety of styles, emotions, and settings.

Whether you love or hate or are completely indifferent toward Christmas, there may be a place for you in this volume, as we are open to anything. Well, as long as it’s good.

But that’s not all. This will be an opportunity for writers to not only get published in an anthology but also to contribute to a worthy cause. While authors will receive payment for their stories, all proceeds of the anthology will be donated to the Albert Kennedy Trust in the UK and the Ali Forney Center in New York City, both of which provide housing for homeless LGBT youth.

So many kids are thrown out of their homes simply because they’re gay, which is tough enough to deal with as it is. But at Christmastime, when talk is of family and—ironically—the birth of a man who taught universal love, acceptance, and compassion, it’s doubly hard on those who have lost home and family. Acceptance and compassion come in the form of strangers who give them food and shelter.

Anyway, I’m very excited to be involved with this project and I know that Ylva is as well. And I’d also like to acknowledge Ylva’s generosity in donating the proceeds to this great cause. The official call for submissions is below. I hope some of you will write something for us.

Submission Call – Christmas Anthology
All profits go to LGBT charities

Family, happiness, love, presents, joy, snow, and plenty of food – all things that come to mind when we think of Christmas, possibly the most wonderful time of the year. We want to publish an anthology with stories centering on that special holiday.

So, have you ever wanted to write a Christmas short story, or do you already have one in your desk drawer or saved on your computer? Then send it to us.

Christmas is not a merry time for everyone, however. Some people have to spend it alone; some hate that time of the year and don’t celebrate it; and others don’t even have a home to spend Christmas in. Which is why we decided that all profits of this anthology will be donated to the Albert Kennedy Trust in the UK and the Ali Forney Center in New York City. Both organizations provide housing for homeless LGBT youth.

What are we looking for:

We are looking for lesbian fiction. At least one of the main characters must be a lesbian. If the story is erotica, it must be F/F.

All submissions should have Christmas as the main theme. The stories can be romantic, humorous, or erotic.

We accept only short stories that haven’t been previously published.

Word count:

We are looking for stories between 4,000 and 8,000 words in length.


Writers whose stories are selected for the anthology will receive a one-time payment of $40 (via PayPal), two complimentary copies of the anthology in print plus a free e-book in each format (epub, mobi, pdf).


The deadline to receive submissions is July 31, 2014.


Electronic submissions only. Please send your story as an e-mail attachment (.doc, .docx, or .rtf) to info@ylva-verlag.de. Put “Christmas Anthology” in the subject line of your e-mail. In the body of your e-mail, please include your name, the title and word count of your story, and a two- or-three-sentence summary of your story.

It will take our editors about three weeks to review your submission; then we’ll get back to you.

We are looking forward to receiving your stories.



  1. Umm, rule clarification: one should be an established author, print experience and club card included, to audition a tale? Just curious, no hurt, if preferred. Editors may not wish Or have time to sift grist.


  2. […] Ylva Publishing have put out a call for submissions for a Christmas anthology. It will be a collection of romantic, erotic and humorous stories with as wide a range of moods as Christmas elicits. Proceeds will go to good causes that provide a roof over the heads of homeless LGBT youth: the Albert Kennedy Trust in the UK and the Ali Forney Center in New York City. The deadline is 31st July and stories should be between four and eight thousand words. You can find full details over on Women and Words. […]


  3. If I can come up with an idea I’ll give it a try. Either way, I can’t wait to read the anthology when it’s released. Look at all the incredible authors that are participating. Yay!


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