Friday tune-fest

Happy Friday, peeps!

I assume you’re all getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day, which sadly falls on a Monday this year (BUMMER! School night!). But if you get into that sort of thing, there are tons of celebrations all over the place, and I’m sure you’ll find SOMETHING to do.

In the meantime let’s talk a bit more about music. On Wednesday, Women and Words had author Lynette Mae and singer/songwriter/musician Cole Armocida over to talk about links between literature and music. As some of you know, Cole wrote a tune called “Rebound” to accompany Lynette Mae’s latest release, Rebound.

And yesterday, R.G. Emanuelle blogged about how as we age, we tend to maybe get too busy to keep up with things like music scenes, but we sure do remember the songs we grew up with and that accompanied us into adulthood.

Every generation has a “sound.”

I think you know what I’m talking about. There are certain songs/genres of music that define certain eras in your life. You can probably tell me exactly where you were and what you were doing when you first heard [insert song title and artist here]. Music, like smell, is a powerful memory trigger. You hear certain songs, and suddenly you’re right back where you were when you first heard it. Or when it became a “special song,” associated with a specific event in your life.

Music has played a big role in my life, too. I have my faves, as we all do, but I also check out new tunes and try to at least watch the current music scene(s) if not actively participate. Streaming services like Spotify and Pandora lend themselves to discovering new tunes pretty well, I think (I do both of those, if you must know). And I read Rolling Stone mag, which also helps. 😀

In terms of writing, yes. I do listen to music while I write. Everything I write has a soundtrack, and the music I listen to while I’m writing helps me set the mood for what I’m working on, and helps me visualize the sets, if you will, and what the characters are doing and feeling. Different scenes and different genres call for different songs and different types of music.

So in the spirit of thinking about music, here’s a little soundtrack for your St. Patrick’s Day festivities!

For the stompers among yuh:

Gaelic Storm, “Rag and Bone
The Tossers, “Emerald City
Dropkick Murphys, “I’m Shipping Up to Boston
Flatfoot 56, “Brotherhood
The Rumjacks, “An Irish Pub Song

For the more circumspect and traditional sounds kinda celebrators:

Maura O’Connell with Karen Matheson, “Down By the Sally Gardens
The Dubliners, “Whiskey in the Jar
The ShamRogues, “Sean South from Garryowen
Sinead O’Connor, “I’ll Tell Me Ma
Mary Black with Emmylou Harris, “By the Time It Gets Dark

Whatever your tastes, stay safe and don’t forget to dance. Happy Friday!


      • By the way, thank you for mentioning using streaming as a source to find new music. It is good for indie artists in that way. For all who stream, please note – *support your indie artists by purchasing a tune you like. It takes about 500 streams of one song to achieve a ninety-nine cent payment. This message brought to you by the independent musicians of the world. Grazie! xo


  1. You are uber-entertaining and cool Andi 🙂 Stairway to Heaven takes me right back to high school and the hope and dreams I once held in my early years. I had a reader call me out when I mentioned a certain song… I guess I really dated myself – cuz I laughed when I read RG’s blog yesterday about being “out” of the music scene!
    Stuck in the past still – but thanks for the suggestion 🙂


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