Playlist time! From the Boots Up

Hey, kids! Jove and I decided it would be kind of cool to post a playlist every now and again. I write to music, and I believe Jove does, too. But she also just listens to music, like most of us do. She posted this playlist last week. So it would be all kinds of awesome if you checked that out because Jove has great eclectic taste and I think you’ll find something there that you’ll like.

Back to the point of all this. Everything I write tends to have its own soundtrack. Some artists/songs are “crossover” — that is, I’ll listen to them for more than one project in order to evoke a specific mood or “flavor” for what I’m working on. Music has always played an important role in my life (and yes, I do play a couple of instruments), and I have not ever written without it.

I do get asked if I write to music and when I say “yes,” usually the next question is “what do you listen to?” I generally respond, “which project?” because each one, even if it has artists/songs in common with another one of my projects, does have its own distinct musical mark and sound.

I listen to a lot of trance, chill, and world trance/chill for my sci fi series (and yes, I do have a playlist available on Spotify for the first in my sci fi series — for those in the know, it’s called “Newburg”). I listened to country, Americana, pop, and rock for Boots (as you’ll see below) and some EDM (electronic dance music) for some of the short stories posted as freebies on my website.

My New Mexico mystery series is a mixture of worldbeat, rock, pop, folk, Americana, chill, EDM, and Native American. I’m currently working on some playlists for that, as well. I was also a DJ, so it takes me a little longer to put the playlists together because when I do, I try to ensure that the songs match not only each other in the trip I’m trying to take you on, but also the tone and mood of what I was writing. Plus, I tend to do a lot of songs. My “Newburg” playlist, for example, is 25 songs long — almost 2.5 hours of playing time.

But that’s not the playlist below. The one below is for From the Boots Up, one of my novellas (scroll down on the embedded list to see all the songs). It’s available on Spotify, but I’m embedding it here. These are songs and artists I listened to while I was writing it. It’s 15 songs long, about an hour of playing time. I hope it’s as much fun to listen to for you as it is for me.

Here’s a URL in case the embedding goes funky in your browser. If you don’t have a Spotify account, I believe you can log in via Facebook when you click that link. Some browsers/devices may take a bit to load the embedded playlist. So don’t freak out if it’s taking its time. Give it a little bit before you go stomping off with the URL link. 🙂

And if you’d like more information about this novella, you can find a synopsis HERE and an excerpt HERE.

Keep in mind that I am getting a follow-up to Boots ready and I hope to release that very soon. And yes, I’ll be putting a playlist together for that, too. Stay tuned!

All rightie. Happy Friday, happy reading, happy writing, happy listening!


  1. Way too cool! Just downloaded Spotify and LOVE IT!!!!!! What an awesome idea to include your playlists!!! Can you women at Women and Words be any more fantastic and creative??? I think Not!!! Many thanks for a new app idea, your groovy playlists, and your continued entertainment and information 🙂


  2. LOL Thanks, Sandi! I have a playlist over there for Book 1 in the Far Seek Chronicles, too. I’m making playlists for the other works, and I’m currently working on a playlist for my first mystery, “Land of Entrapment.” So glad you found Spotify and that you’re now having a blast. Happy weekend!


  3. Back at you! I’m taking Spring Break in NYC so I’ll be able to really check out your playlists on the plane ride to and from 🙂 What perfect timing for me that you imparted some of your coolness just in time to make my flights more interesting! Happy weekend to you too 🙂


  4. […] As I noted over on Women and Words, each one of my projects tends to have its own soundtrack, though some songs/artists have crossover with more than one project. Speaking of Women and Words, I posted the playlist for my novella, From the Boots Up, over there. Here’s the linkie dinkie. […]


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