MOAR Friday Fun Stuff

Hi, peeps! Seriously, my brain is mostly fried come FRY-day, so here’s some fun (and maybe some thought-provoking) stuff for you to contemplate. Unless you want me to talk about something specific? Like, say, the price of tea in China? Or YET ANOTHER DAMN PLAYLIST that I posted on my site? The one for Land of Entrapment?

Okay, there. I talked about it. Let’s hit the other stuff.

Dog-grooming competition (H/T to The Bloggess for this). Holy pet razors, Batman. Check this out.


And of course, who DOESN’T need a Crazy Cat Lady action figure? I mean, really. Or perhaps you know someone who you need to gently alert that they may be acquiring far too many cats. Perhaps this action figure can help you start that conversation. And if you need to really drive your point home, here is a place you can purchase more little plastic cats. (As opposed to the awesome Ani DiFranco album, Little Plastic Castle, which is a totally different situation and more awesome than a cat lady intervention, which is kind of creepy)

And here. A Pinterest board with all kinds of classic lesbian pulp book covers. Because THIS, among others.


You’re welcome. (My personal fave title? The Well of Horniness.) I’m sure you’ll find a few moments of enjoyment over there…

And here’s a Pinterest board on Rockabilly tattoos. Just cuz.

OOOO! Old maps! LOVE.

Double OOOO! Abandoned America. MORE LOVE.

Yay! The book industry isn’t dying! (H/T Sisters in Crime)

Creative writing student sets out to read the bestselling book of each year since 1913. Here’s part of what he’s discovered. (H/T, Sisters in Crime)

And for those of us still going through Walking Dead withdrawal, here’s the Zombie Research Society.

There. Things to see and do on this lovely Friday. And for your music fun-time, here’s Ani DiFranco’s “As Is,” off (you guessed it), Little Plastic Castle.

Rock on, friends!

Happy Friday!