Ghosts and Great Times in Austin

I am sitting in my office – watching the Starlings take showers under the streams of water pouring from our gutters and wondering how the heck we are two weeks into April already…

And I haven’t had a chance to tell you about our time at the 2014 Lonestar LesFic Festival in Austin yet! Here is the blog I posted prior to the event.

Sandy and I started our Friday night with our second annual “Feel the Estrogen!” battle cry – and had a wonderful dinner with the Bold Strokes Books Crew and the amazing women of the Lone Star Literary Society who sponsored and organized the festival. We also got to meet new friends. How cool is that?


Note to self for future reference: Don’t mix the Sangria with the Margaritas…


Saturday morning we kick into gear do our (now ritual) battle cry and head off to Nature’s Treasures – talk about being plugged into the energy!
I could feel it buzzing along my nerve endings. The only way I can (somewhat) describe the feeling is it’s as if I was standing in the ocean and feeling the waves.

I wasn’t in the door for five minutes before Kay Dennis asked me to sign her copies of The Awakening: Book One and The Quickening: Book Two in the Sister of Spirits Trilogy Can I just say that as a new author – how amazing that feels? Thank you Kay! Sandy snapped the moment…


It wasn’t until I was loading pictures onto the computer that I saw THESE. Can you say paranormal author in the house? Check out the ORBS πŸ™‚
small orb picture

I was more relaxed (well, as much as an Empath who has ADD in a room full of people can be) this year.


It was wonderful meeting the readers and amazing authors. Here was my reaction when I realized I was standing next to Gerri Hill. Color me an excited fan girl πŸ™‚ small gerri hill

There isn’t enough time (or room) to give you a play by play of all the exciting moments and fun panels in only one blog. I will say – that any panel that includes Barbara Ann Wright is hilarious and fun. I love sitting next to her!

AND – after hearing a sneak-peek of Dragon Horses I’m waiting on pins and needles for D. Jackson Leigh’s new book to come out! Here we are with Stacy Reynolds for our Paranormal Readings!
small reading panel

As always, I wish I would have had more time to chat with EVERYONE πŸ™‚ I don’t know how good of a guest author I am – I can’t sit still, I need a handler (Thank you, Sandy and Connie) and put my glasses on far too late in the day. For future reference – I can’t see two feet in front of me without them (I live in a small bubble!) And you HAVE to actually stand in front of me to get my attention – I’m not ignoring anyone – really – my mind is going 70 miles an hour on 5 different tracks – and I’m trying to sort out the high energy of the room. So, if you catch me in the middle of the room with a wild and glazed look in my eye – please help me!

Just kidding (maybe) – please approach and get my attention. I appreciate and love meeting you all. ADD

I have more stories! I really should write everything down right when I get home – because now they are scattered and out of order… And this blog has already taken 3 hours to write! LOL


Let’s try something new…

Leave a comment or question you have about the Festival – and I’ll be happy to answer them!


  1. Oh well. I truly and realy thank you for being out there in cyperspace. I wasn’t at the festival though. πŸ™‚


  2. Fun read dearie. Nice pix. I always enjoy knowing when a writer takes her wife to events. It seems too many go solo. Personally, I’d be lost without my back wheels. (Not that I plan on leaving the yard.)


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