Somebody Please Peel Me Off the Ceiling AND an E Book Giveaway


I’ve been sitting at this blank screen for hours trying to come up with a clever way to “say” what really boils down to just three words.


Oh. My. God.

There, that’s it. You would think as an author, I would have eloquent and fancy words – a beautifully scripted speech to announce my second book, The Awakening: Book One in the Sisters of Spirits Trilogy is a finalist in the Paranormal category of the 2014 Golden Crown Literary Society Awards.

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You can see the list of all the finalists HERE πŸ™‚

To say that I’m incredibly humbled and honored – is an understatement. To see my name among women who sit gracefully on the shiny pedestals I’ve placed them on over the years – is truly surreal.

Congratulations to ALL the finalists!


Photo-0133When I started the Sisters of Spirits Trilogy – my first book, Sometime Yesterday, hadn’t been published yet. I still had no idea if people would like my writing or if I only had that one book in me. This small note was my starting point for The Awakening.

It takes a small village to get a book published. I have an awesome team that makes it happen at Bold Strokes Books πŸ™‚

The AwakeningAfter
Sunny Skye, a psychic medium, is the head investigator and founder of Sisters of Spirits, a paranormal society dedicated to helping others understand what they can’t see. She is excellent at finding ghosts but finds it difficult to cope in the real world. When she meets Jordan, she is instantly attracted and completely unnerved by the personal demons she carries around with her.

Street tough Jordan Lawson molded herself into what she thinks an excellent cop should be. She trusts only two things: facts and herself. She believes only in the evil that mankind commits and she certainly doesn’t believe in ghosts, even when confronted by one.

When spiritualism and jaded skepticism collide, who backs down first?

I did something fun with a Pinterest Board right HERE πŸ™‚

It was after this book was out that Jove Belle “introduced” herself to me and we became great friends πŸ™‚ I also received the invitation to be a regular contributor here at Women and Words – Where I’m sure I drive Jove and Andi crazy.


I would also like to take this time to shout out to – Victoria Oldham – If it wasn’t her ability to learn “vonnie-speak” this book would still be just a note written on a scrap piece of paper. Thanks for walking me through the maze again Vic!

One of the most wonderful things about being published – is the readers. I have been consistently amazed, bedazzled, surprised, and touched – at how many letters and notes I have received.

To have the honor of being a finalist in the Paranormal category again this year is beyond anything I could have wished for when I started this journey.

Thank you so much for the recognition, congratulations, support, and encouragement that I receive on a daily basis.

SO – if you haven’t yet read The Awakening, a 2014 Golden Crown Literary Award finalist – Here’s your chance to start the series πŸ™‚

Leave a comment below to enter the drawing for an eBook! If you HAVE read The Awakening already – Please tell your friends!

I’ll announce the winner Friday πŸ™‚

Have a great week.

thank you3

And for those readers who ARE caught up in the series – I’m still chained to the kitchen table while my computer is having fits πŸ™‚

UPDATE MAY 2, 2014 Carolyn McBride is the winner! Please get in touch with me for your e-book! Yay!


  1. Congrats on your book being in the finalists group. All your hard work is paying off big time. Glad to see that your books are going digital. Seems that’s about the only way I read books anymore.


  2. Congratulations in being a finalist! Good luck!
    I have not read your book, so please do include me in the drawing. It does sound intriguing.


  3. Conradulations on your nomination, Yvonne! Was present last year when they announced your win. Will be in Portland this summer to hear your name again.


  4. I love the premise of your series. I’d love an ebook too! Is that a rose quartz crystal holding down your note?


  5. Hi congratulations on the nomination. I don’t normally read paranormal but this book sounds interesting and has been on my wish list for a while so I hope I’m picked. Thanks!


  6. What a huge accomplishment to be a finalist back-to-back years! Congratulations, Yvonne, and may you win the category again this year.


  7. Congratulations on being a finalist . I would love to win a copy of the e-book. I have been told that your writing is fantastic and I am so looking forward to reading your stories. I hope to me you in Portland and good luck.


  8. Throw me back if my name gets chosen because I don’t have an eBook (or whatever else they’re called) but I do think you have delightful blogs (so many highlights to click) accompanied by great choices of illustrations and photographs. This is me standing, applauding you, my sweet peep with the delicious smile.


  9. Congrats on being part of the GCLS finalists! I would love a chance to win an ebook with Sunny and Jordan in it. Looks like a great storyline. Thanks for the chance!


  10. Congratulations! Don’t need to be entered for this one as I have both The Awakening and the Quickening. And will be watching for the third book.



  11. Hey Von, seems like you found the words to me. They were good words, too. I have so many books I want to read, I wish I could afford them all. I always keep adding to my wish list. You keep on writing, but make sure you take time to breathe and spend some time with Sandy, too. Thumbs up on your nomination, girl.


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