Women in Handcuffs – A Tale of Two Books by Sacchi Green

image001Congratulations to Traci! She is the winner of Women with Handcuffs, ed. Sacchi Green.

Great news! It’s a beautiful Sunday morning and I’m off to spend the day at a sustainability conference in Portland. Before I go, though, I get to introduce the awesome editor and author, Sacchi Green. She’s here to tell us about her latest anthology from Cleis Press, Women with Handcuffs – Lesbian Cop Erotica.

Sacchi hangs out on facebook, so you should totally drop by and say hi. You can do that HERE. Or you can check out her website HERE. And buy her books HERE!

Are you ready for the best part? Sacchi’s giving away a copy of Women with Handcuffs! Yep! You can sign up to enter down there in the comment section. I’ll draw a winner on Friday, 5/23. Good luck!

Women in Handcuffs–A Tale of Two Books
by Sacchi Green

Publishing is complicated.

I’m offering a free copy of my anthology Women with Handcuffstoday, published by Cleis Press, and anyone who comments on this post will be entered in the drawing. If you want to skip right to the comment part without wading through my whole post, go right ahead; I won’t tell. But you’ll miss some important information.

Once upon a time I was asked to edit an erotica anthology about lesbian cops. I thought about it. What would people who bought a book about lesbian cops want to read? And what kind of stories would writers send me? I’ve had friends with cop fetishes, which is fine, but I didn’t want to go for stereotypes. I also have writer friends with negative views of law enforcement who just wouldn’t go there. I even know a few lesbian cops. All of these factors made me see the potential for a book that balanced the appeal of the uniform, the confidence, the sense of authority, the hint of danger, with recognition of the emotional complexity and depth, the strength and vulnerability, of those whose commitment is to serve and protect. Plus, of course, plenty of hot sex .

My writers came through with even more intensity and variety than I’d hoped for. Here are just a couple of excerpts, the first one from our own Jove Belle’s story “Hollis”, featuring two equally strong women who know what they want and won’t settle for less:

Jen raised her hand reluctantly. At close to forty, she was probably the only person in the group to have done a lot of things, but that didn’t mean she wanted to be singled out. She had the sinking feeling that with the admission, she had volunteered for something.
“Really? Lassiter’s the only one?” Hollis raised a brow and snapped the cuffs through the air to Jen, the chrome winking in the sunlight. “Bring your roommate with you.”
“Great,” Reeva mumbled under her breath as she followed Jen to the front. “I get to be strapped to your work-experience ass.”
A trickle of sweat threatened to fall into Jen’s eyes and she hiked up her shirt to wipe her brow. The cool breeze against her skin was a revelation. She took her shirt off completely, used it to towel her hair to spikey submission, then tossed it to the side while she waited direction. She doubted the FBI would approve of her change in wardrobe, but she wasn’t a federal employee so she figured she could push it. What’s the worse that could happen? Special Agent Hollis would punish her? A thrill ran over her at the thought.

Trust me, you want to read the rest of this, and you also want to read the version expanded to novella length that appears in Jove’s new bookAn Uncommon Romance.

The second excerpt is from our own R.G. Emanuelle’s “Cop at My Door”, where a policewoman has been responding to crank complaints from the main character’s neighbor, and sexual tension has been building:

“Nicole?” I put my hand on her arm. Had something bad happened after she’d left earlier?
Before I could register anything, Nicole turned fully toward me, pushed me against the corridor wall, and kissed me. As stunned as I was, it didn’t take long for me to fall into her kiss and let my lips part for her. Her hands went around my waist and I slid my palms up the well-ironed blue shirt, my ring catching on the edge of her NYPD patch. When both my hands were behind her neck, she held me tighter and pressed her full weight onto me. Her kisses became harder, more urgent, and her tongue slipped into my mouth hungrily. She pulled away, breathing heavily.
I’d fantasized about this woman so much, and now that I had her in my arms and had felt her lips on mine, I didn’t know what to do. So, I opened my mouth to speak. “Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”
She let out a sputtering laugh. I laughed, too. “Sorry, I’ve always wanted to say that.”

Yes, you want to read the rest of this one, too. In both cases, of course, I’ve left the really steamy parts for the reader to discover and savor in private.

Now for the complicated part.Women with Handcuffsis a makeover of the original book, Lesbian Cops, a Lambda Award Finalist that got great reviews but didn’t sell at all well. Plenty of people search online for sexy lesbian cop stories—I know this because at least two-thirds of the search phrases that lead to my blog are looking for exactly that—but apparently very few of those buy books. There were so many books left in stock that the publisher decided to provide a new title and new cover. I just hope that the terrific stories the writers entrusted to me get more of the exposure they deserve.

I’m tremendously grateful to the folks who did buy Lesbian Cops, and any of those people who also bought Women with Handcuffs hoping for new stories should contact me (sacchigreen@gmail.com) or the publisher, Cleis Press, and we’ll arrange an exchage of one sort or another. There was a brief period before the “look inside the book” feature kicked in on Amazon, so there would have been no way to tell that the Table of Contents was the same.

But if you haven’t read either one, now’s your chance to win a copy of Women with Handcuffs.And you can find a free-to-read lesbian cop story that isn’t in the books, and not necessarily as good as the ones that are in them, on my blog, at http://sacchi-green.blogspot.com/2011/04/bonus-lesbian-cop-story.html. (You can also find guidelines on the blog for my next project, The Princess’s Bride, a very different kettle of erotic romance.)


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  1. Great excerpts! I’d love to read the rest. The new cover and title are definitely more eye catching. I hope the sales come in this time. These writers deserve the recognition.


  2. Can’t believe this would not be a good seller, but thanks for the samples and for the chance at winning a copy. Now I’m headed back to read the other story over at the link you shared. Going to be a good morning!


  3. This is truly a great book. I just finished it up today and was working on a blog post about it when I saw a tweet that led me here.

    Thank you Sacchi for your hard work. This is one book that will get re read many times.


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