The haps!

Happy Saturday, everybody!

Here’s some stuff going on that you might be interested in. And if you have information about an upcoming event that you think might be of interest to Women and Words readers, drop us a line at the Contact page, above (here’s the link).

Women and Words

The Liz McMullen Show/Lizzie’s Bedtime Stories

  • Liz is doing a lineup of bloggers for Pride month. Here’s the schedule.
  • Jove Belle’s blog for Pride is HERE.
  • Barbara Wright’s blog for Pride is HERE.
  • Kate Genet’s blog for Pride is HERE.
  • Genta Sebastian’s blog for Pride is HERE.
  • Check the calendar for upcoming episodes HERE.

Cocktail Hour Productions

Ylva Publishing Blog

Bold Strokes Books Author Blog

  • May 27, “A Voice for Intersexual Infants,” by Jane Hoppen
  • June 3, “Is There a Place for Faith in Fiction?” by Juliann Rich
  • June 5, BSB interview with Nora Olsen

Heads up! Plan ahead!

  • July 26, Elana Dykewomon will be reading at the OLOC (Old Lesbians Organizing for Change) gathering in Oakland
  • Cocktail Hour recording schedule is at this link, on the right