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Jody Klaire writes the Above and Beyond series. The Empath, the first (and her debut), is forthcoming from Bedazzled Ink Publishinghopefully next month.jodyklaire

Jody has an eclectic background. When she started writing in 2011, she had already been writing music and lyrics for 15 years. She’s been a police officer and a singer/songwriter, and now she’s focused on writing fiction. She resides with a veritable cornucopia of furry friends, including a golden retriever, a cat, and several gerbils. Among her many interests are writing, sports, music, and art. And cake! theempath-bbp

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A Different Voice
As authors, we have much to be thankful for. Those who have come before have paved a path over rocky grounds, scaled heights and faced threats unknown. They have been forced to inflict unhappy sorrows on their creations but in doing so freed us to tell the stories that burn inside our own hearts.

Today, we don’t have to kill our protagonists off or give them grisly half-lives drenched in torment. It doesn’t mean to say that we don’t — but it’s a choice, not a demand — in order to get published. Unshackled, we can explore and play, grow and improve which, we hope, will resonate with those who read our words.

I’m being slightly poetic there but without authors who pushed the boundaries, we wouldn’t have the depth of literature to delve into today. Being different than the status quo made them a terrifying prospect, an unknown entity which could be a ‘bad’ influence to those unsuspecting readers. It’s thanks to those who dared to be different that we can explore topics and characters to our hearts’ content

Now, with all the advice on the web and in various books, agents and publishers often tell you their pre-requisites for opening the door to success: High concepts, different/unique voice, great characters and a wonderful story. The literary world has even given those who don’t fit into a box (through self-publishing) a way to share their own voicea and, in short, readers have never had such an abundance of books at their fingertips.

So what does this have to do with being different?

Well, my writing is a little different, as are my characters. When you meet Aeron Lorelei, my protagonist in The Empath, you will see from the very first page that she is unique. Her voice, her speech, her thoughts and feelings are hers alone. I never intended to create characters who were so very… well… different but I hope one thing that resonates is that when you pick up one of my books, it’s unmistakably mine.

Finding unique voices in all genres is a product of progression. As authors we have to fight for the reader’s hard-earned money. We are up against TV, films, computer games — and that’s without all the sports and other hobbies that we ask them to bypass for us. Yet, unlike anything else, we can give them an entire world in their minds. We, through the pages, can create vivid images, characters, and stories that will live in their hearts long after the book is finished. Our industry is one of longevity. We follow thousands of years of tradition and yet we have to keep up with our modern society and compete.

In order to do that, literature needs to be a blend of old and new. The old masters passing down their experience and guidance while encouraging the development of new and exciting ways to tell a story. Writing is much like alchemy, with us all searching for a magic blend that will create a masterpiece. There is no real formula for that and if authors are restricted to one, it can take incredible mastery to create the breathtaking work our readers deserve.

When a creative mind is free to play, any number of wonders may dance into life. To be liberated — to be able to tell a story your way and in your own voice is not something an author can take for granted. An agreement of trust begins when a reader buys your work. They are giving you their undivided attention in the expectation that you will give them that which they seek. Sometimes that trust must be earned through simpler stories in order to allow you to tell the one that has been driving you. Sometimes what you want to delve into in your work may make those who read it uncomfortable. All that being said, a master — one that has soaked up the experience of her forebears and added her own soul to the page — will keep you reading. Those who have learned their art and just how to articulate their thoughts will compel you to follow them wherever they wish to take you.

So, perhaps being different is less a rebellion against pro forma and more the liberation of the writer’s inner self. Having a different voice, one that makes us memorable, simply comes down to the ability to be who we were meant to be… ourselves.

You can find Jody at her website HERE.
At Twitter: @jodyklaire
And on Facebook HERE.

Thanks, Jody, for stopping by. And remember, her debut novel with Bedazzled Ink will be out in July!

Happy reading, happy writing, happy Friday!


  1. Jody, you have eloquently illustrated the essence of what causes me to fall in love with certain authors. Those whose soul is revealed within their pages can not help but write with their own unique voices. I’ve been waiting for The Empath – glad it’s coming soon.


  2. I’d like to find in you a new favourite author. Your book sounds promising.


  3. Unique good…predictability bad… Being different a delight!!! I can’t wait to give your new book a try in July 🙂 Much luck and success to you!


  4. There should always be room for different voices in this genre. Congratulations on your first book!


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