Let’s have MOAR Friday Fun Stuff!

OMG, peeps. I’m still in post-GCLS recovery. I still have piles of laundry at home waiting to be…well, laundered. My fridge is down to the obligatory 1 yogurt, 1 piece of cheese, a mango on its way to shrivel-ville, and 3 eggs.

But it’s so worth it!

Anyway, let’s have some brain candy. That is, some stuff that is for the pure enjoyment/WTF of it all. Friday Fun Stuff! Here we go…

I totally posted this on Facebook and Twitter because who didn’t want to dress their Barbie up in freaking awesome armor? If only we had 3D printers back in the day, we could’ve printed that shit out and Barbie could’ve opened a can of whup-ass on GI Joe and his uncool gear.

Check it. Barbie Armor. Barmor? There’s even a Kickstarter for it.

Faire Play Kickstarter

COMICS NEWS! Because I found myself sucked back into the comics vortex a couple years ago. I still long to be a comics artist, but unfortunately, stick figures just aren’t really in demand.

Anyway. Captain America is going to be black. AWESOME. As that news piece I linked to notes, it’s not the first time. In 2003, Cap was black super-soldier Isaiah Bailey in the Marvel mini-series, “Truth: Red, White & Black.”

And holy hammers, but Marvel’s next Thor is going to be a woman. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! Oh, and maybe a little bit of swoon-age:


‘Bout time a woman wielded Mjölnir. Maybe Marvel will hook her up with a girlfriend. Red Sonja might be fun…

Speaking of bad-ass women, did you see Kasy Catanzaro on American Ninja Warrior? She totally completed the obstacle course to qualify for the finals in Dallas, becoming the first woman to do it. Click HERE to see her do it. I personally love how the announcers got into it.

Speaking of bad-asses, have you checked the site “Badass of the Week“? It’s a giant bowl of historical awesome. Like, for example, Queen Tamar of 12th-century Georgia (the country, peeps. LOL). QUOTE: “Queen of Kings, undisputed ruler of the Caucasus, and a hardcore 13th-century spleen-slamming warrior-chick who carved a fearsome kingdom from the corpses of her fallen enemies and commanded an armor-clad host of badass medieval knights on an epic series of murderous conquests at the height of the middle ages.”

Who in the hell would NOT want to read about that? HISTORY RULES. Or in this case, HERSTORY!

Here’s another bad-ass of the week: Trieu Thi Trinh, who “was a hardcore Vietnamese battle-queen who tried to liberate her people from Chinese imperial aggression by thundering into combat mounted on the back of a colossal war elephant while clad in golden armor and carrying a blood-soaked sword in each hand. In her now-legendary quest to save her country from oppressive invaders, this determined rebel war-goddess terrified her enemies with so much estrogen-charged nitro human massacre-ation that after she died the enemy commander completely lost his shit and carved a hundred dicks into this walls of his headquarters to protect himself from having his nightmares repeatedly haunted by her vengeful restless spirit.”

There’re bad-ass dudes, too. What makes the site a bowl of magnificent is the writing. The pictures are cool, too. And the site includes bad-asses from more contemporary times, as well.

Huh. I see a theme creeping along here…

I totally want to see this. Lucy, starring Scarlett Johansson (okay, whatever, so I have a slight celebrity crush on her and I AM TOTALLY OWNING IT) opens the 25th. The premise is a woman caught up in a bad deal between gangster dudes who ends up turning the tables on them and manages to evolve beyond all human logic — that is, she’s exposed to something that allows her to access more of her brain than any other human. She EVOLVES, people. You’ve all heard that saying, that we only use about 10 percent of our brains? Well, Lucy manages to access higher and higher percentages of her brain, and it allows her to be a merciless warrior to do ultimate super bad-ass shit, y’all. The director is Luc Besson, who has created other bad-ass women (La Femme Nikita, e.g.) Watch the trailer HERE.

And don’t even try to tell me you don’t feel a twinge of celebrity crush when Johansson stalks down this corridor:Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 12.41.40 PM

Lordie. Next thing you know, you’ll be telling me Batwoman is a lesbian. Oh, wait…


HA HA! Obligatory Batwoman photo, y’all! That was last year, before the awesome J.H. Williams III (that’s his art, BTW) left the comic. Bummer about that, but we have that image of her mackin’ on her detective GF. Big basket of HELL YEAH.

Anyway. Other things to keep you amused:
Voodoo Doughnuts, Portland
Voodoo Doughnut BEER! (with Rogue Brewery; and there are other Voodoo Doughnut flay-vahs)
Archie McPhee (Trust me. Click that link.)
Goonies (because that is still one of my fave movies and I was just at Haystack Rock)

personal photo by Andi Marquette
personal photo by Andi Marquette

All right, friends. Happy reading, happy writing, happy Friday!


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