Some Haps!

Hey, kids! Hope you went into this weekend with awesome-ness going on. If not, you can always stop by here and peruse the Women and Words archives and hang out with the merry elves.

And if you have info about book-related stuff that fits the Women and Words mission, let us know (in advance, please) so we can post that.

Anyhoo, here are some things you might find groovy:


The deadline for these is FAST APPROACHING, friends. Ylva Publishing has TWO anthology calls going on. One is for a Halloween collection and the other for a Christmas/Holiday anthology. All proceeds from the latter (the Xmas/Holiday) anthology go to two charities that help homeless LGBTQ youth. Here’s the scoop:



Luna Station Quarterly
An ezine featuring emerging women writers of speculative fiction (full disclosure — Andi is an editor there). You’ve got ’til August 15th for upcoming issues. Hit this link for more details.

MakerSex: Erotic Stories for Geeks, Hackers, and DIY Projects
All sexualities and gender expressions are welcome. Deadline is September 30. Hit the link for more details.


Rainbow Awards, 2014
Get your submissions in! Books published between September 1, 2013 and August 31, 2014 are eligible. Click HERE for details. No submission fees.


Bold Strokes Books Blog
July 15: Ruth Sternglatz on self-editing
July 10: interview with Sawyer Caine
July 4: KI Thompson on voting

Bella Books Blog
News and updates on Bella books

K.G. MacGregor
July 27: 1 PM, she’s at the Raleigh, NC LGBT community center. Click HERE for details.

Liz McMullen Show guest blog
July 7: Watty

Virtual Livingroom
This here’s a Yahoo group for lesfickers that often has authors on board for discussions and Q&A sessions. Click HERE to get signed up.

Beth Wylde Yahoo Group
LGBTQ Yahoo group for discussions of LGBTQ literature. Includes author visits. Discussions deal too with erotica/romance, so it’s age-restricted. Click HERE to sign up.