Run Away!

Running away – that’s the definition I generally associate with the word retreat. But I often hear writers on blogs and Facebook talking about writer’s retreats and that’s something I’d definitely run to. What better way to get the old inspiration machine cranking again than to shuck off the daily grind and go where there’s nothing to do but write and learn about writing?

Next week, I’m headed to upstate New York for a retreat hosted by my publisher, Bold Strokes Books. In addition to workshops and master classes, I’ll have quiet time to work on my novel and fun times reconnecting with lots of my author pals. I’m feeling inspired just thinking about it.

Easton Mountain

To top it off, after the retreat, I’ll be housesitting for Micky Knight (more on that later).

Have any of you been on a writer’s retreat? What’s the most valuable thing you took away from the experience? What else do you do to rejuvenate your writing?

See you back here in a couple of weeks with a video log interview of one of my favorite authors!


4 thoughts on “Run Away!

  1. Best wishes for your retreat Carsen, hope you get lots of productive writing juices flowing and you enjoy yourself.


  2. would love to immerse myself in a retreat and hope you enjoy and come through energised and with your creativity fired up – and so jealous re Micky and hope you’re interviewing Ms Redmann – one of my favourite authors.


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