Coming Down After GCLS

There is so much preparation that goes into an event such as GCLS, or any other type of convention or presentation. (There are those people who don’t do any prepping beyond making their hotel and plane reservations, but for most of us, some amount of prep is required.)IMAG1820

It’s not just about books, promo materials, and swag. In my case, I wanted to make people aware of All You Can Eat, so I tried to do something unique and fun. That’s when I came up with the lollipops, which entailed finding the right kind of lollipops at a price that wouldn’t break me, getting labels made, and applying the labels to the lollipops. (Andi did a great job getting aprons with the book covers on them, which we raffled off during my food panel at GCLS).IMAG1840

I also had to get certain tasks done before I left for Portland, which I managed to do. Plus, I was trying to find an outfit to wear to the awards ceremony. Being that it was my first time presenting, I wanted to look nice, which sent me in search of a faja at the Target down the road from the hotel (I talked about that in my blog HERE).IMAG1925[1]

Postcards, bookmarks, business cards…these are all things that you need to consider bringing to an event like GCLS. And let me tell you, I packed more for this trip than I did for a trip to France a few years ago. My backpack was so heavy, I literally almost toppled over when I put it on.

To make everything extra special, my father was in a rehab center recovering from hip replacement surgery, and my supervisor insisted that I be trained on new tasks, despite the fact that I was going on vacation for a week (wouldn’t it have made sense to wait until I returned so the information would actually stay in my head?).

With all of this, the preceding weeks to GCLS were pretty hectic, particularly that last week. I’ve already blogged about my GCLS experience HERE, and Andi did HERE, and Jove did HERE. So I won’t go into it again. As exhausting as all of that is, it becomes a sort of a rush of adrenaline, a high. But what’s happening now is the coming-down part. All GCLS-related stuff is over, many of my projects are done, and I feel almost (almost) like I have some free time. The other night, I was at home, almost (almost) bored. It didn’t last long, as I always have plenty to do, but it was a very odd feeling having the luxury of choosing what I wanted to do (and these days, a choice like that IS a luxury).

I’m happy to report that I actually got to watch the first 7 episodes of Orange is the New Black on Netflix this week. This for me is HUGE. Normally, I’m lucky if I get to watch a movie or TV episodes during the weekend, and sometimes not even that. So this was an exceptionally leisurely week for me.

I still have plenty to do, but I’m going to enjoy this “slow period” while it lasts. I’m sure it won’t be for long, but I have some shows to catch up on.


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