Coming Attractions, August 2014

Good gracious. Where, oh where is the summer going? Pretty soon, we’re going to be digging our fall and winter stuff out of storage and GOD HELP ME holiday decorations are going to start appearing at stores everywhere. Probably September. Eek.

Fortunately, you have these lovelies to look forward to! And remember, we do not have a thousand jillion eyes or arms to help us scour the interwebz looking for books for these lists. So if YOU are an author, publisher or author/publisher and you have a book coming out or a new release of some such and you’d like it to get on our radar, drop us a line at the Contact page. And once these lists fade out of sight (give ’em about a week), you can still find them at our static page HERE.

All rightie, here we go! And I have a feeling that we’ll be getting some more books onto this list as the days go by. Check the static page for those, friends.

S.Anne Gardner, Cold and Lonely, Lovely Work of Art
Dannie Marsden, Desert Blooms

NOTE: Bella has not listed anything for August. We’ll keep checking.

Mason Dixon, Charm City
Shea Godfrey, Blackstone (Aravan Series, book 2)
Sheree Greer, Let the Lover Be
Clifford Henderson, Rest Home Runaways
Maggie Morton, Out of this World
VK Powell, About Face
Karis Walsh, Blindsided

Barbara Clanton, Out at Home (Book 5 in the Clarksonville Series)
Sharon G. Clark, A Majestic Affair
Sky Croft, Amazonia: An Impossible Choice

R.G. Emanuelle and Andi Marquette, eds., All You Can Eat: A Buffet of Lesbian Romance and Erotica (full disclosure. That’s me n’ R.G.!)
Jae, Pigeon Post (Shape-Shifter series #6)
RJ Nolan, Two Hearts, One Mind

Heather McVea, Dying Forever (book 3 in the Waking series; more info to come!)


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