Because I’m Bad

I can come up with all kinds of adjectives – but you can fill in the blanks, okay?

Now that we have that out of the way – I can post my blog this week. I’m sorry I missed it last Monday – I was in crisis mode.

How horrible it sounds to type that after winning a Golden Crown Award this year!

And please don’t think I’m not going to post about it later… Because I have pictures, kudos, and IMMENSE gratitude for the GCLS – and great feelings for all of the awesome women who were there and shared this amazing experience with me.

They deserve all the applause I can give them (and I will!) but I want it to come from the heart and not when I’m still spinning.

I shared with everyone the funny story of how my dog got a hold of my teeth before the big event – but I was in straight denial about this: Seven days before the conference, my step father passed away. I don’t believe that it truly hit me until this last week when I got home (Sandy and I spent an additional week with sisters in Victoria after GCLS) – right along with several other life’s traumas I have been stuffing down for more than a year.


I’ve just received notice that I’ve lost another auntie (well cousin, but it’s confusing.) Fly with Angels Avis, and say hi to Dezi for me.

When Bad Things Happen

It’s time to sit down, wade through it, get honest, feel it, change what I can, leave what I can’t – find my faith, and show up again – better than before.


I have peanut butter chocolate swirl ice-cream and I’m caught up on So You Think You Can Dance – and now, The Fosters (Good Lord, I’m still crying four hours later.) I’m now catching up on Dominion – with the ice cream….

Have an awesome day!

harry potter



  1. Grieving is not a straight line process, good days, better days and then dreadful days will appear in any variety. Take the time you need. Your friends, family and the world will support you as you make your way. Take care.


  2. I’m sorry for your losses. Please be gentle with yourself and take the time you need for grieving and healing. Bright Blessings.


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