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Today at Women and Words (the WaW!) we have Goldie-winning author Sky Croft in the house! Sky’s novel Mountain Rescue: The Ascent scored a Goldie at the recent Golden Crown Literary Awards in the romantic suspense/intrigue category. That’s a big ol’ pot o’ awesome! Anyway, Sky’s here to chat a bit about marriage and how that theme appears not only in her work, but in her life.mountainrescue

Sky was born and raised in an industrial corner of England, but she’s always had a hankerin’ for the Scottish Highlands. She started writing her first novel at 13 and some day, she insists, she’s going to finish that one. In the meantime, she wrote a few more books, including Mountain Rescue: The Ascent, Amazonia, and Shadowstalkers.

She’s currently getting ready for two more releases! Amazonia: An Impossible Choice (the sequel to Amazonia) is due out THIS MONTH, people! (August, in case you missed that today is August 1.) And Mountain Rescue: On the Edge is scheduled for December. When Sky’s not writing, she’s an avid film buff but also loves the outdoors.amazonia_impossible_choice

We’re glad she took some time away from all of that to hang out a bit with us here at Women and Words.

Take it away, Sky!

Wedding Fever
Sky Croft

Hi folks. I was asked to do a guest blog for Women and Words, and what better subject to cover than marriage. Here in the UK, the law has recently changed to allow same-sex couples to legally wed, which is a huge step forward in our quest for equality. It’s a very exciting time for me personally, as I got engaged at the end of March.

In a case of life reflecting fiction, Shale and Blake have a joining ceremony in Amazonia: An Impossible Choice (which will be released in August), and in Mountain Rescue: On The Edge (forthcoming in December), a proposal takes place. Oddly enough, I wrote both of these events before my own engagement (in the case of Mountain Rescue only three months), so perhaps my subconscious knew something I wasn’t aware of?

It’s wonderful for me as a writer to be sharing this special, life-changing event with my characters. To feel their excitement only enhances my own. Everyone keeps telling me that weddings are stressful, one of the most stressful things you can do in fact, besides moving house. Well I’ve moved house twice, and that WAS stressful, but so far the wedding planning hasn’t been bad at all, more entertaining than stressful.

My fiancée and I went to a wedding fayre, and one stallholder was adamant that if we didn’t have our colour and theme sorted a year in advance then our wedding would be doomed to fail from the start. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying these things don’t have their place, but for me, as I’m sure it is with many LGBT people, it’s the simple fact that now we CAN get married. That’s the most important thing, not what colour of socks I’ll be wearing.

I don’t need to get married on the side of a cliff in a climbing harness, or write “I do” on a message board underwater. I’m more than happy with a plain old, regular-style wedding. The fact that I can marry the woman of my dreams is more than enough. I intend to take the time to savour the privileges given to us now that we can marry, the same privileges and rights that most people take for granted.

Such progress has taken considerable time and effort, and it’s been hard fought for, but now the wheel is turning I’m hopeful we’re on a steadier path. The LGBT community should be proud of the advances being made, the latest of which is a monumental step forward.

At the same wedding fayre, another stallholder asked my fiancée and I which of us was the bride. I replied that we both were. It didn’t sink in for her at all, and she asked us what dates our weddings were on. When we both answered with the same date, she said, “What a coincidence!” After explaining that we were marrying each other, she grew rather flustered, and shooed us over to another colleague while trying to hide her embarrassment. My partner and I laughed it off, but hoped that wasn’t going to be a recurring incident, us having to literally spell it out for everyone in the wedding industry before being passed on to someone who didn’t take issue with it.

Fortunately — so far at least — that lady was the only one. Everyone else we met that day, and the subsequent planning from then on, has been more than accepting and welcoming, the type of people who don’t even blink at the mention of a ‘same-sex wedding’. We’ve had some wonderful responses — one venue owner became very excited when she realised it was a lesbian wedding, and, as it would be her first, she wanted to showcase our day. She was exceptionally helpful and couldn’t do enough for us.

Now it’s true my fiancée and I still have a way to go in organising our wedding, but it makes a tremendous difference to know that attitudes regarding same-sex marriage are changing. Yes, the law has changed, but some people’s attitudes not so much. But I’m pleased to say that from my experience so far, I’ve encountered more who are okay with it, than those who aren’t.

Progress isn’t just happening…it’s ARRIVED.

I think I’ll celebrate with a wedding! Dum dum da dum…

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Thanks, Sky! And happy Friday, everybody!



  1. What a great post and congratulations on your Engagement Sky. Those who have not read Sky’s books are really missing out. It is wonderful that our gay and lesbian friends in the ‘Mother Land’ are now able to marry, unfortunately here in Australia we are a ways off that equality. At least until we get a new Government that is more progressive. In the mean time I will celebrate with all of my friends in UK, NZ, Canada, USA and the other countries that allow same sex equality.


  2. Congratulations Sky! I am looking forward to the new releases and you will have to keep us informed on the wedding planning.
    I can honestly say planning a wedding is both fun and stressful as my wedding is only 3 days away. Being from the US and in Illinois same-sex marriage became legal in June so we are actually getting married on our 22nd anniversary (a rather long engagement). We have experienced remarkable support from venues, suppliers, officiants, and others. Sometimes explaining to someone that the most important part of the entire day is just being able to say “I Do” is amazing. We will be the first lesbian wedding for the venue, officiant, florist, photography, videographer and bakery. I think they are all as excited as we are.
    We are making strides and hopefully soon we can find same-sex couples wedding across the world.


    • Congratulations Karen! I hope the big day goes well. I’ll probably be a nervous wreck three days before my wedding, lol. Thankfully now, due to the law change, people won’t have to wait 22 years to marry the person they love. Best wishes.


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