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Moving along…

If you’re lookin’ to git yew some Ol’ West chit-chat, the Virtual Livingroom is hosting a Spot-On Old West weekend! It starts TODAY. Here are the details:

TODAY, Friday 8th August for the whole weekend at the virtual living room: Spot-On, The Olde West
12 nooon EDT, 11 am CDT, 10 am MDT, 9 am PDT, 5 pm BST, 6 pm CEST, 1.30 am (Sat) Adelaide.

Annie gets her gun and we get lesbian fiction about the Old West.

Authors participating:
Jae, with her Oregon books,
B L Miller and her Western Chronicles (co-written with Verda Foster),
Mickey Minner with the Sweetwater saga,
Paulette Callen and her Charity books,
Lois Cloarec Hart and Kicker’s Journey and
D Jordan Redhawk with Tiopa Ki Lakota.

Hosted by Beni, Devlyn, Henriette, Jae and Lois.

So come on down! Here’s the link. The Virtual Livingroom is a Yahoo group.

And now some writing and publishing thingz:

Read-a-Romance Month
It’s Read-A-Romance Month and Bobbi Dumas is featuring some LGBTQ writers among those featured. Some of us did blogs that she’s linking to (here’s mine, if you’re interested). Head on over to see what’s what.

Amazon vs. Hachette (or, Godzilla vs. Mothra, redux)
The LA Times did a write-up in June about the Hachette/Amazon dispute, explaining it in 13 easy steps. Go here. Most recently, some 900 authors made a public appeal to Amazon to stop the madness. Amazon continues to claim that ebooks are priced too high. Some authors are petitioning in support of Amazon.

I am inclined to agree with author Chuck Wendig’s take on that petition, which you can read here.

Interview/story you might like
Mega-popular and awesome author Diana Gabaldon hangs out at NPR and chats a bit about the Outlander series, which has been made into a TV show (Starz). It debuts tomorrow, August 9th. If you’re not familiar with the tale (bless yer heart! Where’ve you been?), Gabaldon’s MC, Claire Randall (intrepid Brit) is reunited with her husband in 1945. They go to the Scottish Highlands to reconnect and Claire goes off exploring and comes across a circle of standing stones. She reaches out to touch it and BOOM faints and when she awakens, it’s clear that she’s no longer in 1945. She’s been time-shot to 1743. The series is history, military history, a bit of fantasy, and romance (M/F). If those genres are up your alley, you might want to check out the books and the TV show.


Crime in the City
NPR also does this great series called “Crime in the City” in which staff interviews and hangs out with various crime writers and the cities they live in/write about. This is one of my fave series that they do. The three most recent are:
Lawrence Block, who writes a series starring former cop Matthew Scudder. It takes place in the grime and grit of 1970s New York City. A movie starring Liam Neeson as Scudder will be out in September.

Rachel Howzell Hall, who writes homicide detective Eloise “Lou” Martin, the only African American and only woman on her Los Angeles police detail. Martin, like Hall, hails from LA’s “Jungle,” or Baldwin Village.

Greg Iles writes thrillers that take place in Civil Rights-era Mississippi, starring Penn Cage, a prosecutor and widowed single father.

Lots more at the link above. Totally check this NPR series out.

Anyhoo, hope everybody has a great Friday and if you got purged from our subscribers’ list, we still luv you and please re-subscribe. 😀


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