A Sea of Anthologies

This has been the year of anthologies for me. Any day now, Ylva Publishing All You Can Eatwill be releasing the anthology that Andi and I have been working on together. It features stories from some of us here at Women & Words, as well as other fave writers, and even an author new on the lesfic scene. All You Can Eat has been so much fun to work on and its imminent release has me as excited as a child looking forward to Christmas Day.

Unwrap These PresentsSpeaking of Christmas, I’ve also been involved with Unwrap These Presents, another anthology being published by Ylva, which is scheduled to come out around Thanksgiving. As I mentioned in a previous blog, all the profits for this collection go to the Ali Forney Center in New York and the Albert Kennedy Trust in the U.K., both of which provide housing to homeless LGBT youth.Wicked Things

In addition to that, I had a story accepted for Ylva’s Halloween anthology, Wicked Things. They were so pleased with last year’s volume, When The Clock Strikes Thirteen, that they decided to do another one this year. I’ve also been busy writing stories to submit to two other anthologies, due out next year.

And if that weren’t enough, my writer’s group, The Penheads, have put together a collection of stories for HUNGER ACTIVE 2an anthology we have titled Hunger: Stories of Desire, Discovery, and Dissatisfaction. These stories, obviously, address the theme of hunger, in the various ways it is expressed. This collection will be out later this year.

Phew. In the midst of all of this, I’m wrapping up work on a novella, details of which I will announce soon. In the meantime, here’s a preview of the table of contents for All You Can Eat. I hope it whets your appetite.



“Fresh Fruit” by Ashley Bartlett

“The Luscious Tarte Aux Fraises” by Historia

“Whining and Dining” by Jae

“Burn” by Rebekah Weatherspoon


“Tomato Lady” by Cheyenne Blue

“East Meets West” by Karis Walsh

“Dessert Platter” by Victoria Oldham

“Appetizing” by Cheri Crystal

“Sugar and ’Shine” by Andi Marquette


“Vanilla Extract” by Jove Belle

“Smorgasbord” by R.G. Emanuelle

“Crème Brûlée” by Sacchi Green

“Turn the Tables” by Yvonne Heidt


  1. Yay! Anthologies! Full disclosure. I’m a co-editor on “All You Can Eat” and honestly, I’m really looking forward to seeing this as a finished product. Had a blast doing it. Thanks R.G. and all the contributors!


  2. I’ve had the same type of year. It feels like all I can remember how to write is short stories, including a couple that are included in two of the anthologies you mentioned, All You Can Eat and Unwrap These Presents.


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