Some Friday goodies

I was totally going to post some playlists, but I’m not on my home devices, and the only way I can access Spotify is to download the (*#&(*%&#( thing onto these other devices and I’m just not feelin’ that. So I’ll post those later.

In the meantime, my colleague R.G. Emanuelle totally alerted us to a bunch of faboo anthologies (full disclosure: I’m a co-editor of one and a contributor to two others) on the horizon. The Christmas anthology, “Unwrap These Presents” from Ylva, will be donating proceeds to two organizations that benefit homeless LGBTQ youth. The Ali Forney Center in New York City and the Albert Kennedy Trust in the UK.

Speaking of Ylva, they’ve put out a call for submissions to an upcoming erotica anthology they’re doing next year. Get in on that HERE.

Rainbow Awards
Oh, and the Rainbow Awards folks are taking submissions. Here’s the info/guidelines. I believe submissions close September 5th. So get on that, if you’ve had a book/novella (@41,000 words or up) released this year! So F/F writers, send your stuff in! Represent! 😀

Over at the GCLS, holy moly, but they’ve started hotel reservations and registration for NEXT FREAKING YEAR. The GCLS conference is in New Orleans, July 22-26, 2015. Good gracious me. Make your reservations for the hotel through the GCLS website so you’re assured the special rate.

THIS LINK will take you to the page on the GCLS website where you then click on the link to make those reservations. It’s toward the top of the page.
THIS ONE is for GCLS registration.

Lordie. Special guest speaker, DOROTHY ALLISON! And ALI VALI is the keynote. So…maybe plan on NOLA next year, peeps!

Other cool things: Scottish anthology “Out There”
Anthology (there seems to be a trend here) by Scottish LGBTQ writers is forthcoming. Called “Out There,” it’s only the 2nd anthology in 12 years featuring Scottish LGBTQ authors, and it’s only the 3rd in existence. Freight Books is the driving force here, so check them out. From the looks of it, it’ll be out in December. This is pretty huge, for those who have been following the political scene in Scotland. They’re voting on independence September 18, and Scotland just passed marriage equality in February. It’s my understanding that marriages could take place this fall. If you’re Scottish and you read this blog, please do add a comment to enlighten us further on the situation abroad.

And if you haven’t discovered Henri, the cat with major existential ennui, HERE. Paw de Deux.

Later, gators! Happy Friday!


  1. hi Andi, just to let you know that in Scotland it looks like no marriages before November or December, as the legislation is being held up due to the forthcoming independence referendum. Sigh! England and Wales have been able to marry to marry for quite some time now.


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