My Other Antho: Hunger

I am so excited that All You Can Eat from Ylva Publishing is officially available in ebook format! Putting together an anthology is a lot of work, involving many components, and it’s sometimes like herding cats. But this project was so much AllYouCanEat-197x300fun (I think I speak for Andi as well when I say that). The print version will be available shortly, and even if you prefer ebooks to print, I think you’ll want this one in print because the cover is fabulous and the interior design was created especially for this theme (think ’50s diners). Unfortunately, ebook technology is still lacking in the area of interior design and that look that we (Andi and I) and the typesetter worked hard to achieve is lost on e-readers.

Now, onto other business. Last time, I talked about all the anthology projects I’m involved in and I mentioned one that my writer’s group is publishing, called Hunger: Stories of Desire, Discovery, and DissatisfactionHUNGER ACTIVE 2

It occurred to me that it must seem as if I pulled this project out of the blue, when in fact, it’s something that my group has been working on for well over a year. I was remiss in not talking about it sooner and as a writer with some anthology experience, I should have known better. But the project sort of crept up slowly. We talked about doing it for quite some time with no real progress being made. We all worked on our stories at very different paces and for a while it seemed as if we’d never get it off the ground. So, I had nothing to really talk about.

Then, all of a sudden, we all had our stories finished and were ready to go, and discussions began about cover, layout, title, subtitle, etc., and it became a little bit frenzied. For me, anyway, because it happened right at the same time that all these other anthology projects became real for me, too. So, unfortunately, Hunger wound up taking a back seat. Today, I want to move it up to the front seat.

It deserves to be in the front because this is a group of excellent writers. We all write so very differently and bring different skills and styles to our collective body of work. Each story in the collection speaks to the concept of hunger in its various incarnations. Here are the story hooks from our introduction:

  • A hunger for acceptance. First up, in R.G. Emanuelle’s A Light for Revelation, a lesbian chases after that most elusive–some might say nonexistent–state: “normalcy” in the guise of a heterosexual life.
  • An unholy hunger. And now for a more sinister hunger. J. M. Levinton’s The Price of a Meal–a sort of counterespionage tale of the dark side–will leave you wondering, in a horrified kind of way, just who (or what) the protagonist is.
  • A hunger for the unspeakable. In Carrie Vaccaro Nelkin’s chilling A Preponderance of Pines, our third offering, an unwilling participant in an age-old and heinous process of “feeding” tries to break with tradition.
  • Regular old hunger for food. Our fourth tale, Arielle Prose’s Pangs, is a slice-of-life story about a niggling dissatisfaction with life, and the battle of the bulge.
  • A hunger for love. In our final story, Anne E. Wagenbrenner’s Zaikowski, a young woman travels to Venice seeking romance, and finds that her love object isn’t quite the man of her dreams.

Everyone knows hunger. Everyone hungers for something—maybe it’s for fame, money, love, respect, or affection, or maybe it’s just for the cheesecake on the dessert table. It’s a concept that connects to everyone, that discriminates against no one, no matter who you are or what you do. Hunger is an equalizer.

This collection of gritty stories will be available on Kindle very shortly. I hope you will partake with us.


5 thoughts on “My Other Antho: Hunger

  1. Oh good. There will be a print version shortly. Based on your description RG. I think I will wait and get it instead of the eBook version. Kathy On Aug 21, 2014 6:00 AM, “Women and Words” wrote: > > R.G. Emanuelle posted: “I am so excited that All You Can Eat (ebook) from Ylva Publishing is moments away from being real! Putting together an anthology is a lot of work, involving many components, and it’s sometimes like herding cats. But this project was so much fun (I think I” >


    1. Hi, Kathy. Thanks for your interest in my group, The Penheads. I’m sorry, but it’s a closed group. We’ve been together for more than 20 years and have never opened the group up to others. We’re a small group (there are 5 of us) and we feel that that’s one of the reasons we work so well. Plus, we’re all in NYC, so we meet in person.

      A writer’s group is a great thing and I strongly encourage you to find one that works for you. If it’s a group that you can meet with physically, that’s even better. But online groups can work, too. Good luck finding one, Kathy!


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