Happy U.S. Labor Day!

Hey, peeps! I know a bunch of you in the US are going to be blowing your various popstands and heading out for an extended weekend end of summer commemoration. So to those of you doing that, hope you have a happy and safe weekend.

For those of you who are going to be engaged in the usual, well, I hope you have some fun this weekend, too.

If you’re in any of these areas, here are some fun things to do.

And for all of us, remember what Labor Day is all about.

Some fun stuff:

Are you having TEH STRESS? Here. Some calming manatees to help you.

Or how about Doing Nothing for Two Minutes? (this works. I use it at work if I’m having a lot of TEH STRESS.) It’s kind of an asshole, though, because if you don’t finish the 2 minutes, a red FAIL notice comes up. Which might be kind of stressful if you’re that kind of person. Available as an app, too.

If that site is too much of an asshole for you, try calm.com instead, where you can listen to a variety of sounds and music for specific amounts of time (up to 20 minutes).

Important shopping tip. Zombie apocalypse stocked bug out bag. Speaking of, how about this Walking Dead fleece throw? (for your bug out bag, y’know).

WHUT? Dragon backpack. You so want this.


I’d get this bedding because IT MAKES DREAMS COME TRUE. It even says at the link! And dammit, who doesn’t dream about gallivanting around the galaxy with a light saber? And actually, I kind of want the light saber-over-the-headboard lamp thingie, too.

Other cool stuff:
52 photos of women doing amazing and awesome things
Even more photos of women and girls in the face of adversity
more photos of abandoned places. Here, here, here (story fodder, people!)

Happy Friday and we here at Women and Words hope you have a fun and safe weekend.


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